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3000K T5 LED Tube Lights

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T5 LED tubes 3000K

T5 LED tubes 3000K have a warm white light colour and are suitable for LED fixtures with a T5 fitting. If you are looking for a T5  tube with which you can light the room in an energy efficient and atmospheric way, then the T5 tube 3000K is the suitable option. Take a look at the assortment and read on if you want to know more about the 3000K T5 tubes.

T5 tube with G5 fitting

A T5 LED  tube 3000K has a G5 fitting. The T5 tube is one of the most common LED tubes for LED fixtures, together with the T8 tube. What is the difference between a T5 LED tube and a T8 LED tube? The T5 tube has a more compact design and has a G5 fitting, where the pins are 5 mm apart. These can only be used in a T5 fitting. The T8 tube has a G13 fitting, where the pins are 13 mm apart.

If you need a new T5 tube 3000K for your T5 fixture, please take into account the different lengths available. The T5 tubes come in lengths of 115 cm and 145 cm.

T5 with 3000K warm white light

The T5 LED tubes with 3000 Kelvin produce warm white light. This is a light colour of 830, which many people already experience as atmospheric and cosy light. Light colour is of course also a personal preference. You can use the 3000K T5 LED tubes to light up a room in your house as your garage, attic, cellar or workshop, but also professional environments use T5 LED tubes 3000K. You will find them in office buildings, shops, supermarkets and public spaces such as libraries.

Are you looking for a T5 tube with a neutral white light colour? Then take a look at our T5 tubes 4000K. For a cool light colour our T5 LED tubes 6000K are a suitable option.

Energy efficient T5 LED tube 3000K

With a 3000K T5 LED tube you don't have to worry about high energy consumption. With a 3000K T5 LED tube from INTOLED you save at least 75% on energy consumption compared to an old-fashioned fluorescent lamp. That's economical. In addition, the luminous flux of the T5 LED tube 3000K is also high, and is of high quality. The LED T5 tubes 3000K do not flicker, are made of high quality materials and contain no harmful substances. This contributes to the durability of the product and also makes them a lot more environmentally friendly.

Questions about 3000K LED T5 LED tubes?

Are you interested in 3000K T5 LED tubes? Then take a look at the options available at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. If you have any questions about the product, you can always contact our customer service. To speak to one of our LED specialists directly, please call during our opening hours to +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We are happy to advise you and hope to help you further.