3 types of workshop lighting

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3 types of workshop lighting

Good lighting is of great importance in a workshop. Often precision work is performed in a workshop. In order to guarantee a qualitative end product, sufficient lighting is therefore very important. On the other hand, we often see enormous spaces where virtually no natural daylight enters. Here too it is important to ensure good lighting. This prevents accidents and increases the quality of the work.

Many workshops are currently equipped with traditional lighting. Think of fluorescent lighting. In recent years, a more sustainable alternative has arrived on the market with LED lighting. Many companies have already made the switch or are thinking about it. In this blog we discuss three types of commonly used workshop lighting: LED high bays, LED floodlights and LED tubes.

LED tubes

Almost every workshop is equipped with fluorescent lighting. The relatively high light output makes this type of lighting perfect for almost any work situation. In terms of durability, however, the old fluorescent tube has been overtaken by LED lighting on all fronts. Many companies have therefore made the transition to this sustainable alternative in recent years.

The switch to LED lighting is fairly simple. Our LED tubes simply fit into your current fixture. This means that no installer needs to be involved. Moreover, LED fluorescent tubes with an average of 20.000 – 30.000 burning hours last for years. You also save a lot on maintenance and replacement costs.

Do you work in a workshop where it can be humid? For this we have a range of LED fixtures with an IP65 rate. This means that they are both dust and water resistant.


T8 6400K “T5 4000K “T5 6400K
T8 6400K T5 4000K T5 6400K


LED floodlights

LED floodlights, also known as construction or building lights, have an enormously wide application. The powerful LEDs make it possible to illuminate large spaces. In addition to construction sites, we also see that our LED construction lamps are also used for lighting sports fields, garages, parking lots or even complete commercial buildings.

A big advantage of LED lighting compared to alternatives is that LEDs do not get hot. Very handy on the work floor. All construction lamps in our range also have a minimum ip value of IP44. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Some of our LED construction lamps are equipped with a built-in motion sensor, so that the lamp can also be used to secure an area.


Floodlight 20 Watt “Floodlight 50 Watt “Floodlight 100 Watt
Floodlight 20 Watt Floodlight 50 Watt Floodlight 100 Watt


LED High-bays

A LED high-bay is ideal for factory halls and warehouses with ceilings from 5 meters and up. This makes them the perfect replacement for conventional gas discharge lamps. With regard to gas discharge lamps, LED high-bays consume up to 65% less energy. You also save on replacement costs because high-bays have a life span of no less than 30.000 hours.

Our high bays have a color temperature of 6400K. This makes them ideal for warehouses where little or no natural daylight enters. As you can read in our previous blog, the colour temperature of a lamp has a lot of influence on our concentration and alertness. Furthermore, all high-bays in our range have an IP value of IP65.


High Bay 100W 90 “High Bay 100W 120 “High Bay 150W 90
High Bay 100W 90° High Bay 100W 120° High Bay 150W 90°



Do you need help in choosing the right workplace lighting? Do not hesitate and contact one of our LED specialists. This can be done by calling us on +31 (0) 452 08 01 28 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Often you can also speak directly to one of our specialists via the Live chat on our site


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