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16 Watt LED Downlights

Light color
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LED Downlight 16 Watt 3000K 1100lm Ø170 mm
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LED Downlight 16 Watt 4000K 1050lm Ø170 mm
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LED Downlight 16 Watt 6000K 1100lm Ø170 mm
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16 Watt Downlights

The 16 Watt downlights from INTOLED are an excellent choice for beautiful and even lighting in a workspace, a public space or in the home. The 16 Watt downlights have a high light output with diffuse light and are energy-efficient in use. The 16 Watt downlights are available in different colour temperatures, allowing you to use the right lighting for every room.

A 16 Watt LED downlight replaces a 110 Watt halogen lamp. With an LED downlight you save no less than 85% on energy consumption. And with lower energy consumption you have a lower energy bill. Therefore switch to LED lighting today!

Colour temperatures of 16 Watt downlights

When you take a look at the 16 Watt LED downlights from INTOLED, you will see that they come in 3 different colour temperatures. These are the standard colour temperatures 3000K, 4000K and 6000K, also called warm white, neutral white and daylight white light.

Take into account which lighting is required at the location where you would like to mount the 16 Watt downlights. At home you are usually looking for cosy atmospheric lighting, but with a high light output. Then you are more inclined to opt for warm white light. In a room where work lighting is desired, neutral white light or daylight white light is very suitable.

Installation height of 32 mm

The 16W downlights have a flat luminaire. This ensures that they are easy to assemble, without the problem of an armature that is too thick. The 16W LED downlights have a recessed height of 32 mm. 

Square and round LED downlights

Downlights come in all shapes and sizes. There is a suitable option for every room. The nice thing about LED downlights is that they are functional, but also look atmospheric. You can easily place them in the living room or kitchen, but companies such as shops, restaurants and hotels also use the LED downlights. The INTOLED downlights can be found in two variants when it comes to shape, namely the square LED downlights and the round LED downlights.

Order 16W downlights today

Are you interested in buying the 16 Watt downlights? Then take a look at the wide range of products INTOLED has to offer. Do you still have questions about the 16 Watt downlights, or about other LED lights? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. By calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 you will get one of our LED specialists directly on the line. Do you prefer to send an e-mail? You can send it to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.