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3 Watt E14 LED bulbs

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LED Chandelier Lamps - E14 Base - Candle C37 - 1800K Extra Warm White
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E14 LED bulb - 3.7 watts - 320 lumens - Neutral white 4000K - Replaces 25 watts
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10x E14 LED bulb - 3.7 watts - 320 lumens - Neutral white 4000K - Replaces 25 watts
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E14 3 Watt

The E14 LED bulb 3 Watt provides atmospheric light and thus creates a cosy space. The E14 3W LED bulb is energy efficient and durable, and fits into any E14 fixture. The E14 fitting is a common fitting on the market. The E14 3 Watt bulbs are therefore also very popular. Want to know more about the 3 Watt E14 bulb? Then feel free to read on.

Saving energy with an E14 3W bulb

The 3 Watt E14 LED lamp consumes only 3 Watt of energy. This makes the bulb very economical. An old-fashioned halogen bulb or filament bulb uses no less than 25 Watt. The difference in power consumption is almost 90%. So you save a lot of energy when you choose the E14 LED bulb 3 Watt.

In addition to the 3 Watt E14 lamps, you will also find the E14 4 Watt bulb and E14 5,5 Watt bulb in the range of E14 bulbs. All have a low energy consumption and a high light output, in a very warm white light colour.

LED candle lamp

The E14 LED bulb in 3 Watt has a traditional shape, namely a candle shape. Candle bulbs used to be filament bulbs. Nowadays there are also LED variants of the candle bulb. The E14 LED bulb 3 Watt with candle shape has an interesting appearance. Thanks to the very warm light output and the design of the bulb, the E14 3 Watt bulb is a nice addition to any room, especially in the home.

Buy the E14 LED bulb 3 Watt

Are you looking for a 3 Watt E14 LED bulb? Then you have come to the right place at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. With us you have a choice of different E14 LED bulbs, in all kinds of shapes. Do you still have questions about the 3W E14 bulb or about LED lighting? Then you can always call or email our customer service. To speak to one of our LED specialists directly, please call +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also mail to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.