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4 Watt E27 LED Bulbs

Light color
IP Rate
E27 LED Bulb 4 Watt G45 2700K Replaces 30 Watt
Beam angle 180°
30.000 burning hours - 2 year warranty
1 light - 2700K extra warm white
4W - replaces 30W- 320 Lumen
1,29 1,40 Incl. VAT
Incl. 21% VAT
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E27 LED Bulb 4 Watt G45 4000K Replaces 30 Watt
Beam angle 180°
30.000 burning hours - 2 year warranty
1 light - 4000K neutral white
4W - replaces 30W- 320 Lumen
0,99 1,40 Incl. VAT
Incl. 21% VAT
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LED Bulb Amber glass 4 Watt E27 G80 2200K
Beam angle 300°
20.000 burning hours - 2 year warranty
2200K Super warm white
4W - replaces 30W- 350/400 Lumen
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E27 4 Watt

E27 LED bulbs 4 Watt are also called ball bulbs. The shape of the LED lamp E27 4W is a traditional shape. The E27 fitting is a popular fitting which you see a lot in light fixtures. Think of wall lights, hanging lights, ceiling lights or floor lights.

The E27 4W LED is very energy-efficient

The LED lamp E27 4 Watt is a very economical lamp. The 4W E27 lamp replaces an old-fashioned 30 Watt halogen lamp. This saves more than 85% on energy consumption. Now that is energy efficiency!

Besides the low power consumption, the E27 4 Watt LED lamp gives a high quality light output. So energy efficiency does not have to come at the expense of quality.

What light colours does the E47 LED lamp 4W have?

The 4 Watt E27 bulbs from INTOLED are available in different light colours. Choose for a 2700K LED E27 bulb when you want a warm white light colour. For a neutral light colour a 4000K LED E27 bulb is a good choice.

Application of the 4 Watt E27 lamp

An E27 LED lamp of 4 Watt has an E27 fitting, which fits in an E27 fixture. As already mentioned, this is a popular fitting. An E27 fitting is often seen in many modern lights. Often even in open luminaires where the E27 4W LED lamp is fully visible. This can be seen in homes, but also in restaurants, hotels, shops or even office buildings.

The E27 also in smart

The E27 LED lamp 4W is a normal LED lamp. Are you a fan of everything smart? Then at INTOLED you are at the right address. In our assortment you will also find a wide range of smart lighting, including E27 smart bulbs. These are from the brand Homeylux, a smart home brand. All E27 smart bulbs can be operated via your phone with the Homeylux App.

Want to buy the E27 4W LED bulb?

Interested in buying an E27 Watt LED bulb? Then take a look at the variants available at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. Do you have any questions specifically about the E27 LED lamp 4W, or about LED lighting in general? Feel free to contact us by phone or email. You can reach us by phone during our opening hours on +31 (0)85 303 0027. Or send your questions by mail to [email protected]. Our LED specialists will be happy to help you.