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Return and warranty


Unfortunately, sometimes your order may not be to your satisfaction. We therefore offer you the opportunity to return your products within 30 days. Within the return period, you can inspect your purchase at home just as you would in a shop. Is your product defective outside the 30-day trial period? Read more about our warranty procedure here.

Example: take a wall light out of the box and view it from all sides, but don't hang it on the wall.

If you do not like the article, for example because it is too big or too small, or just not the right color, you can return it and get your money back. Once your package is back with us and meets the return conditions, we deposit the purchase amount including any shipping costs (excluding return costs) as soon as possible (but no later than 30 days). We use the same payment method as you have done the order.

Please register your return below. After we have processed your return, you will receive an email notification whether your return request has been approved. Find a postal service point in your area.

You will almost always receive a full refund. However, this depends on the condition of your product. In order to receive a full refund it is important that your product is returned in its original condition, original packaging and undamaged. This way we can make someone else happy with a new product.

Here are a few tips to make the trial period as smooth as possible:

  • Inform yourself well before you order something
  • We understand your enthusiasm to unwrap something but always unpack your purchase carefully so that the packaging or the product is not damaged
  • When you really start using an item, it quickly loses its value because of the traces of use. Unpack it neatly and look at it from all sides, but do not attach it or unroll it
  • Some included accessories you do not directly need to determine whether your purchase meets your expectations. Leave them in the packaging, so you can't lose them

Return conditions

To return products, they must meet the following conditions. When the conditions are not met, your return will not be processed.

  • The costs for the return are for your own account. We do not have a return address
  • You bear the risk of the return shipment in case it gets lost or damaged during transport. It is therefore best to send shipments by registered post and insured. In any case, keep the proof of posting until your return has been fully processed
  • The products are returned within the trial period of 30 days, this begins on the day after receipt of your order
  • The product is in original condition, original packaging and is undamaged. Otherwise we determine the value reduction on the basis of the condition of your product
  • Is your product damaged or wrongly delivered? Then please contact our customer service so we can help you further


Not all products and orders can be returned. The following products and orders are not covered by the 30-day return period.

  • Single items which are delivered as a composite product. We accept only the fully purchased composite product
  • Personalized products. These are products that are not sold as standard, but on request of you are composed and or ordered from one of our suppliers
  • Products which, through no fault of our own, are damaged or incomplete
  • Products of which the original factory packaging is not present or (seriously) damaged
  • Products which have not been installed according to the installation instructions

Reduction in value

Should the product not be returned in its original condition, we will determine the amount of the reduction in value based on the condition. This can vary from 0 to 100% of the purchase price and is based on three factors:

  • Damage to the product
  • Damage or lack of packaging
  • Completeness of the product

Model withdrawal form


We provide a 2-10 year warranty depending on the product. Should an ordered product become defective, we need some information to determine whether it is within the warranty. We would like to ask you to fill out the contact form as completely as possible so that we can assist you with your defect as quickly as possible

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