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60x120 cm LED Panels 3000K warm white

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LED panel 60x120 60W 7200lm 3000K incl. driver 5 years warranty
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LED Panels 60x120 3000K

If you are looking for lights for workspaces such as offices, classrooms or meeting rooms, the LED panels 60x120 3000K from INTOLED are a suitable choice. The 3000K 60x120 panels have a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin, which has a warm white light colour. This creates a very pleasant working atmosphere. With an average lifespan of 50.000 hours the 3000K panels 60x120 will last for years.

Advantages of the 60x120 3000K Panels

The 3000K panels 60x120 from INTOLED are a very durable product due to their long lifespan. They also consume little energy, saving you a lot of costs. When you replace your old-fashioned fixtures for the 3000K 60x120 LED panels, you contribute to a better environment. The 60x120 3000K are free of lead and mercury, and have no infrared. In addition, the panels 60x120 3000K are of very high quality. They produce a high light output and are flicker free. There is also no warm-up time, so you immediately get the desired full light.

Mounting the panels 3000K 60x120 is very easy. Thanks to the Plug and Play mounting you can install the lamps yourself in no time, without the need for a technical background or hiring an installer. The panels 3000K 60x120 are easy to maintain and clean, due to the sleek and flat design.

Variants on the 3000K 60x120

The panels 3000K 60x120 are one of the many available variants of INTOLED. If you are looking for lighting with a neutral white light colour, take a look at the 4000K 60x120 panels. For rooms where there is little daylight, we recommend choosing the 6000K 60x120 panels.

In addition to the colour temperature, INTOLED also offers a variety of formats. Depending on the ceiling, you decide which format is most suitable. For example, in addition to the 60x120 panels there are also the 30x30 panels, 30x60 panels, 60x60 panels, 30x120 panels and the 62x62 panels.

Want to buy the 3000K LED Panels 60x120?

Are you interested in buying the 60x120 panels 3000K and would you like to receive some extra information? Feel free to contact our customer service. You can reach us at +31 (0)85 303 0027 or by mail [email protected]. You can also leave a message on the chat during our opening hours. Our LED specialists are ready to answer all your questions.