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LED Light hose blue

Light color
IP Rate
Smart LED Strip Wifi + Bluetooth RGBWW 5 meter IP65 incl. App & RF Remote Control
Dimmable - incl. remote control
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Can be shortened per 50 cm
WiFi+BLE - 16.5 million colors RGBWW
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LED Light Strip Blue

With the blue light strip from INTOLED you can create atmosphere in every imaginable space. Are you looking for something completely new, something different from normal? Then the light strip blue is a nice option for you. Place the blue light strip behind your TV, in the bedroom, behind or under the bed, or in professional areas such as the hospitality industry.

Mounting the blue light strip

If you are planning to purchase the blue light strip, then you have a lot of application possibilities. The blue LED light strip is bendable and can be placed in every corner, curve or space. The blue light strip is 50 metres long and available with 60 LEDs and 180 LEDs. Do you want to shorten the blue light strip? That is possible! On the blue light strip is indicated where you can shorten the light strip blue, by means of cutting strips. If you have shortened the light strip blue, we recommend that you finish the cut ends to be waterproof by means of a sealing cap. For the 60 LED light strip you use a sealing cap for 60 LED, and for the 180 LED light strip you use a sealing cap for 180 LED.

To keep the LED light strips in the right place, you can use mounting clips. These ensure that the light strip cannot move and stays in place.

Connecting the LED light strips

Aren't you planning on shortening the light strip blue, but rather lengthening it? Then you need a connector, with which you can connect LED light strips to each other. If you have a blue LED light strip with 60 LEDs per meter, you will need the LED light strip Connector 5050. When you have a blue LED light strip with 180 LEDs per meter, you need an LED light strip Connector 2835. In our assortment you will also find a waterproof connector for your light strips, in different shapes to make it easier to connect the light strips in corners.

Blue, green, red, RGB?

In addition to the blue LED light strip, there are a lot of other colours to be found in the INTOLED assortment. Also take a look at the red led strips, green led strips, or RGB led strips to try something new with nice colours. Are you looking for a more neutral light colour? Then take a look at the white led strips or warm white led strips.

Need advice about the light strip blue?

Are you interested in buying the LED blue light strip, but do you need more advice and information? Feel free to contact our customer service. Call +31 (0)85 303 00278 or send an email to [email protected]. One of our LED specialists will be happy to help you.