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MR16 LED Bulbs

Light color
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MR16 LED spot 6.5 Watt 12V DC 450lm warm white 3000K (replaces 55W) 5 year warranty
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MR16 LED spot 6.5 Watt 12V DC 450lm neutral white 4000K (replaces 55W) 5 year warranty
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MR16 LED spot 6.5 Watt 12V DC 450lm daylight white 6400K (replaces 55W) 5 year warranty
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MR16 Spots

The MR16 spots, also called GU5.3 spots, are spots suitable for MR16 luminaires. They are very energy efficient, have a high light output and are environmentally friendly. The spots are often used as accent lighting. Think of atmospheric lighting in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, but also in environments such as hotels, restaurants and similar public spaces. The MR16 LED spots are ideal for an atmospheric accent in the room.

6,5 Watt with MR16 spots

An MR16 LED spot from INTOLED is an energy-efficient LED spot. They consume only 6,5 Watt, replacing a 55 Watt halogen lamp. With the MR16 LED spot you save almost 90% in energy consumption. And with low energy consumption, you have less energy costs. A good reason to switch to LED. 

12V MR16 spots

MR16 spots are very safe because of the low voltage of 12 Volt. This makes an MR16 spot very common for garden lighting as ground lights and garden spike light, or veranda lighting. Furthermore, the MR16 LED spotlights are also safe in materials. The MR16 spots contain no hazardous substances and have no UV radiation. The quality of the LED MR16 spots is also very high. So the spots do not flicker, they immediately give full light when you turn them on, and they do not get hot.

MR16 or GU5.3

An MR16 spot is comparable to a GU10 spot. The MR16 spot is also called a GU5.3 spot. Both the GU10 and the GU5.3 have 2 pins at the bottom of the spot. The difference is the thickness of the pins. The number behind "GU" indicates how far apart the pins are. For a GU10 spot is 10 mm, and for an MR16 or GU5.3 spot 5.3 mm. This is a handy piece of information when you need to replace a spot, for example your recessed spots.

Want to buy MR16 spots?

Are you interested in buying an MR16 spot? Then take a look at the INTOLED range, and who knows, you might find the MR16 spot you are looking for. If you have any questions about the MR16 LED spots, or about LED lighting in general, you can always call or email our customer service. During our opening hours you can reach our LED specialists on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected] or get an answer to your question. We will be happy to help you further.