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About us

Who are we?

INTOLED is a young and dynamic company that has grown into the online specialist in the field of high-quality LED lighting in a few years. The company consists of a young enthusiastic team, all of whom have a passion and expertise in the field of LED lighting. We are also a recognized learning company and are regularly supported by trainees. We have a carefully selected network of LED suppliers and LED manufacturers that are all for quality. We specialize in designing lighting plans, especially for shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, warehouses, garages and housing. With us you can get a thorough advice and guidance on your project.

What are we doing?

INTOLED is your reliable partner when it comes to purchasing high quality LED lighting for a competitive price. We strive to inform and advise private and business customers as well as advise on the purchase of LED lighting. We have deliberately chosen to sell our LED lighting exclusively online, thereby eliminating expensive overhead costs, so you'll always benefit from the most competitive price.

What do we sell?

With us, you can go for all kinds of LED lighting like: LED indoor lighting, LED garden & outdoor lighting, LED lights, LED spots, and LED accessories. Of course, you can also contact us for a good advice, please let us know and we will be happy to help you make the right purchase decision for your new LED lighting. We sell the perfect mix of quality LED lighting products for a competitive price. But we offer you more than just an online webshop! If you want to do a full project with LED lighting, you do not know what's possible and what you need to watch! Then we offer you the opportunity to make a detailed and customized lighting plan on a project basis so that you will not be surprised afterwards, so you know exactly where you are and do not buy a "cat in the bag" what Unfortunately, we often encounter a fast purchase of a cheap LED product via the internet and afterwards it turns out that this does not entirely meet your requirements. Interested in a custom lighting plan? Ask for the possibilities we are happy to help you with the perfect LED solution.

Who do we sell?

INTOLED sells LED lighting in retail and also wholesale and therefore very interesting for business customers, we offer a wide range of LED lighting including LED indoor lighting , LED outdoor lighting , LED hospitality lighting , LED retail lighting, LED spotlights , LED lamps , and LED accessories , Quickly view our entire assortment. Do not find the desired product in the shop? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you. Are you looking for a business customer for a specific solution? We have a large international network of LED manufacturers therefore we can always help you with the right LED lighting.