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300 Watt LED Floodlight

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Helios Smart solar LED Floodlight - Replaces 300 Watt - 3200 lumen - 6500K - IP65 - IK08 - 3 year warranty
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LED Floodlight 300 Watt

The 300 Watt Floodlight LED illuminates the largest areas in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner. From sports fields such as football fields, to large parking spaces on office sites. The 300W LED floodlight is also suitable as a spotlight or construction light on building sites. With a light output of no less than 24,000 lumens, the 300W LED floodlight replaces 2500 Watt. So it is a lot more durable and energy efficient. In addition, the 300W LED floodlight is suitable for outdoor use; due to the IP65 degree of protection, the product is waterproof. Because of this, you will enjoy it for years to come.

Illuminate the largest areas with the 300W LED Floodlight

The showpiece of INTOLED, the 300 Watt LED floodlight. The highest light output is produced in a sustainable and energy efficient way. In this way, the largest surfaces are provided with high quality light.

If you are looking for lighting for small areas, we recommend 10 Watt floodlights, 20 Watt floodlights or 30 Watt floodlights. For medium surfaces, the 50 Watt floodlights, 100 Watt floodlights and 150 Watt floodlights are a good option. When it comes to larger areas such as the lighting of sports fields, building sites and parking lots, it is best to choose 200 Watt floodlights and 300 Watt floodlights. At INTOLED you will find what you are looking for!

Talk to one of our LED specialists

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