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LED Street lighting

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LED Street lamp 50 Watt 6500K 4700lm IP65 5 year warranty
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Wall bracket for LED street lamp galvanized steel Ø 48 mm
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LED Street lamp adapter alumiunium variably adjustable for 100 and 150 Watt
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Buying LED street lights

If you are considering purchasing LED street lighting also called LED terrain lighting for an outdoor area, parking space or building or to replace your old lighting, then you can do this best with energy-efficient LED lighting. With this type of lighting, it is important that you pay attention to the quality as this LED lighting is often mounted at height and you do not just replace quickly a lamp. It is precisely for this reason that we consciously choose to offer also our LED street lighting in the best quality. Our LED street lighting is also equipped with the latest LED technology from the world famous brand Samsung which is specialist in producing the best LED light sources also called (LED chips). Our LED street lighting has an expected lifespan of no less than 50,000 hours and 5 years manufacturer's warranty.

Energy-efficient LED street lighting

It is important that you pay close attention to the amount of lumen light output per Watt that the LED street lighting yields. These Samsung LED street lamps have a light output of 120lm/W also called high lumen. This ensures that the power consumption is as low as possible and the light output as high as possible. 

Choice help which LED street lamp do I choose?

It is not always easy to choose the right LED street lighting, so we have summarized below for you. Nowadays we no longer speak about the number of Watts that use a LED outdoor lighting but read about the number of lumen (light) which LED street lighting gives off. The Wattage only says something about the energy consumption and the lumen indicates how much light a LED street light emits. It is therefore often difficult to make the right choice. Below you will find the replacement Wattages, so on this basis you can still choose a good choice to replace your current street lighting for LED street lighting.

In the table below you will find the replacement LED street lighting.

 Current wattage  Light color  LED Street lights
 450 Watt  Neutral    50 Watt 4000K 6000lm IP65 Samsung 5 year warranty
 450 Watt  Tageslicht  50 Watt 6400K 6000lm IP65 Samsung 5 year warranty
 750 Watt  Neutral  100 Watt 4000K 12.000lm IP65 Samsung 5 year warranty
 750 Watt  Tageslicht  100 Watt 6400K 12.000lm IP65 Samsung 5 year warranty
 1200 Watt  Neutral  150 Watt 4000K 18.000lm IP65 Samsung 5 year warranty
 1200 Watt  Tageslicht  150 Watt 6400K 18.000lm IP65 Samsung 5 year warranty

Which light color do I need?

Our LED street lighting is available in two different light colors: 4000K neutral white and 6400K daylight white. Which light color is suitable in which situation? This we explain in our blog How to decide on the right color temperatur. If you want to illuminate a terrain, parking space, road or building as clearly as possible, we advise you to choose the daylight white 6400K variant, this LED street lighting is the most white color which daylight mimics. If you want the light color to be slightly more neutral white then choose the 4000K neutral white LED street light. In terms of light quantity, both LED street lights are exactly the same. A LED lamp post ensures that your terrain or building is optimally illuminated.

Perfect waterproof LED outdoor lighting

This high-quality LED street lighting is obviously suitable for all outdoor applications, because of its high protection class IP65, this LED street lighting is ideal for extreme weather conditions. With this you are assured that you can enjoy your LED street lighting for years without worrying and have safe using. Also our LED floodlights also called LED construction lamps or LED spotlight are often used as LED outdoor lighting.

Installing LED street lighting

To make the LED street lighting easy to assemble, we have made it easy with our aluminum adapters. With this you can easily install the LED street lighting. Because these adapters are also variable adjustable, you can set the LED street lamps in any desired angle, for a 50 Watt LED street light you order this 50 Watt adapter. If you choose a 100 or 150 Watt LED street light, order the 100 or 150 Watt adapter. If you want to mount the LED streetlight against the wall or on another flat surface, we advise you to order our suitable wall bracket.You can also pass the cable through the adapter so that it is protected against weather influences, in short, a well thought-system! The LED street lighting is already equipped with a watertight cable with a length of about 30 cm, so that it can be perfectly sealed to the 230V mains, we advise you to order our IP68 waterproof cable connector, this ensures that you have a secure waterproof connection.

LED street light supplier

If after reading this information you still have questions about our LED street lighting or do not hesitate to contact our LED professionals, we are the LED street lighting supplier par excellence and are happy to help you with the right advice. You can reach us by telephone on +31853030027 during office hours or send an email to [email protected] also you can chat with us.