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16 Watt LED Downlights round

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LED Downlight 16 Watt 3000K 1100lm Ø170 mm
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LED Downlight 16 Watt 4000K 1050lm Ø170 mm
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LED Downlight 16 Watt 6000K 1100lm Ø170 mm
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16 Watt Downlight round

The round downlights are almost indispensable in public spaces and professional environments. You can see them in hairdressing salons, shops, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and office buildings. The 16W round downlights from INTOLED are also a popular option when it comes to the atmospheric and energy-efficient lighting of a room. Where a LED panel is simply too large or inappropriate, the 16W round LED downlight is an excellent option.

16 Watt with 1100 Lumens

A 16 Watt LED downlight is efficient in energy consumption. The downlights consume only 16 Watt and therefore replace a 110 Watt halogen lamp. When you replace an old-fashioned halogen lamp for a 16 Watt round downlight, you save more than 85% on energy. This is a big difference which you will also notice in the energy bills.

Besides the fact that the 16W LED downlights are a lot more economical than a halogen bulb, the LED downlighters are of a higher quality. This in materials and in the light output. The LED downlights around 16W contain no harmful substances and do not get hot. The 16W round downlights have a high light output of 1100 Lumens, with immediately full light when you switch on the lights. The 16W downlights are also flicker-free.

Looking for round downlights with a higher or lower luminous flux? Then take a look at the:

Easy installation of the 16W round downlights

The round 16W downlights are easy to install thanks to the low installation height of the luminaire. The downlights have a recessed height of 32 mm. This makes it easy to install the luminaire in a suspended ceiling, or in a plaster ceiling. The 16W round LED downlights are also fitted with spring clips at the rear. This ensures that you can easily clamp the downlights into the ceiling, and it is so nicely concealed.

Besides the round downlights you will also find square downlights at INTOLED. These are also easy to assemble and install thanks to the low installation depth and the handy clamping springs.

Light colours in 16W downlight

When choosing new lighting it is important to know what you need for the space. For example, not every room needs the same light colour. With INTOLED you have a choice of 3 colour temperatures for the 16 Watt downlights round. If you are looking for downlights with a warm white light colour, then you are looking for the 3000K round downlights. These provide an attractive atmosphere in the room and are therefore also very suitable for the home. Are you planning to illuminate a work environment? Then we advise you to choose the 4000K round downlights. These have a neutral white light colour and are therefore very pleasant to work in. The last option are the 6000K round downlights. These have a daylight white light colour, which is mainly used in rooms where there is little or no natural light.

Want to buy the 16W round downlights?

Are you interested in buying 16W round downlights? Then take a look at the range available at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. Do you have any questions about the 16W round LED downlight? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists can be reached by telephone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.