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T5 LED luminaires incl. LED

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These LED T5 luminaires have integrated SMD LEDs. In addition, they are of superior quality, they last much longer than the old-fashioned fluorescent tubes that you have seen in most places. A T5 LED luminaire is the ideal lighting type to illuminate areas such as offices, shops, garages, basements, storage rooms, hobby rooms and workshops. So why not do that in the most economical and cheapest way? That is why you have come to the right place at INTOLED! We combine quality with a competitive price. This is what our customers appreciate. We offer the T5 LED luminaires in the most chosen length of 120 cm.

Can be connected up to 5 luminaires

These T5 LED luminaires are quick and easy to link up to 5 pieces, this allows you to bridge up to 6 meters so more than enough to achieve perfect line lighting in the desired space, with each fixture is standard the connector already supplied. Our T5 LED luminaires are also equipped with a handy On / Off button that allows you to conveniently switch the luminaire on and off.

This light is also very nice for the kitchen, just to mention an example. INTOLED supplies these lamps from their own stock, the only thing you have to do is place the desired product in the shopping cart, after which you can have them in your house very quickly, especially if you order before 16:00 on working days, because you can already receive them the next day.

The guarantee of the cheapest T5 LED luminaires

INTOLED specializes in providing high-quality LED lighting. Because of this specialization and because there is no high overhead with us as internet wholesaler, we can offer all our products at very competitive prices. We therefore give you the guarantee that you pay the lowest price for this quality / version LED T5 fixtures.

We are happy to help you with the right choice T5 LED fixture

The specialists at INTOLED are happy to help you with all the questions you have about LED T5 luminaires. We can tell you exactly which LED T5 luminaires are most suitable in your situation. For all your questions about LED T5 lamps, please contact our customer service via the contact form on our website. The LED specialists of INTOLED can also be reached during office hours via our live chat or by calling +31 (0) 452 08 01 28 and by e-mail via sales@into-led.com . When you place an order with INTOLED for the first time, it is useful to first create a user account . Then you can order the LED lighting of your choice directly from us.