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Solar Gardenspike

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LED Solar pedestal lamp Layton 4.5W 3000K IP65
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Solar ground spots

At INTOLED you can find a carefully selected range of solar ground spots. This is important because the quality of solar garden spots varies enormously. Good solar spotlights last for several seasons and burn all year round. This is due to the high IP value and top quality solar panel. It is important that you pay attention to a number of things.

Installing solar ground spots

The solar ground spots that you find on INTOLED can be installed in several ways. The garden spots can be put into the ground by the supplied skewer and can be mounted on the wall by means of two screws. If you choose these Solar Groundspots, then you have the possibility to install the same lighting everywhere in your garden. 

Application of solar garden spots

The application of solar garden spots is very diverse. That makes these garden spots so popular. The solar LED lights are easy to hang as fence lighting. This is because you do not need to hide cables. This also applies when you want to install them on your pergola to illuminate your terrace. Of course, they are also very suitable for in your plant border or between the plants in your garden.

Solar garden lights with multiple lighting modes

The solar garden spots on our webshop are all equipped with multiple light modes. This makes the application of the solar lights very diverse. This allows you to choose to illuminate trees, facades and flagpoles by means of the strongest light setting and choose for atmospheric lighting in the less bright light setting. For applications of the less bright light mode you can think of illuminating your terrace, small trees, shrubs and plants.

Ground spots on solar energy with Wintersolar

All ground spots are equipped with a solar panel with the latest technology. These panels are manufactured using Monocrystals. These monocrystals ensure that light is converted into electricity up to 30% more efficiently. As a result, the solar lights not only charge much faster, they can also be fully charged in the winter. We call this winter solar. Another big advantage is that you do not have to place the ground spots on solar energy directly in the full sun.

Waterproof solar spotlights

The solar spots are completely waterproof. This is due to the high IP value and very good finish of the spots. This gives moisture and dust no chance and the garden spots easily last several seasons. The solar panel on the spotlight is frost-resistant. This means that you can leave the solar ground spots outside all year round without worry.

Questions about our solar spotlights?

Do you have any questions about our solar ground spots? Then our customer service is ready for you! You can reach them most easily via the chat on our website.