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LED High bays with Antiglare Glass

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LED High bays with Antiglare Glass

High bays produce an enormous light output. They are therefore mainly used for large professional spaces such as factory halls, warehouses, sports halls and company halls. Thanks to a radiation angle of 120 degrees, the high bays have a high range.

Precisely because high bays are used a lot in working environments, safety is an important factor. Nobody wants to look directly into an extremely bright lamp. That is why a high bay with anti-glare glass, or a high bay with anti-glare glass, is a safer option.

Advantages of anti-glare glass

The anti-glare glass attached to the high bay ensures that you do not look directly into the bright light of the LEDs. If there is no anti-glare glare on the highbay, you look directly into blinding light, which is absolutely not pleasant. The anti glare glass is a lot safer.

With an anti-glare glass on the high bay you don't have to worry about duller light or a smaller beam of light. The high bays with anti-glare glass produce the same high light output as high bays without the anti-glare glass.

High Bays with low energy consumption anti-glare glass

A high bay with anti glare glass is a popular choice for the highest and largest rooms due to its low energy consumption. They are good working lights with an extremely high light output at low power consumption. The highbays available at INTOLED are 100 Watt high bays, 150 Watt high bays and 200 Watt high bays.

Questions about High Bays with anti-glare glass?

At INTOLED you will find a selection of high bays with anti-glare glass of the highest quality. Do you have any questions about the product? Feel free to contact our customer service. You can reach us by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also email us at [email protected]. One of our LED specialists will help you further.