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LED Panel 30 x 120 cm

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LED Panels 30x120 CM of absolute top quality

LED panels of 30x120 are very interesting for companies and shops. A LED panel is a simple, functional and especially stylish light source that can be placed seamlessly in a system ceiling. Our LED panels are therefore mainly bought by offices, companies and shops. Nevertheless, the applicability of an LED panel is more diverse. A 30x120 LED panel can also be perfectly placed in a house with a suspended ceiling or a concrete ceiling. IP65 LED panels can even be placed in damp rooms such as the bathroom or a shed. In short: the possibilities regarding to 30x120 LED panels are endless.

In addition to a particularly simple and stylish solution, our 30x120 LED panels are also very economical. LED Panels can be up to 80% more efficient than old-fashioned fluorescent lighting.

When you search for a LED panel you suddenly come across all kinds of values ​​that you may never have heard of. Choosing an LED panel is not that easy. That is why we are happy to help you.

Our range of LED panels is quite large. At INTOLED you can go for the following 30x120 LED panels:

LED panel 30x120 cm 40W 3600lm 4000K neutral white
LED panel 30x120 cm 40W 3600lm 3000K warm white
LED panel 30x120 cm 40W 3600lm 6000K daylight white
LED panel 30x120 cm 32W 3840lm [high lumen] 4000K neutral white
LED panel 30x120 cm 32W 3840lm [high lumen] 3000K warm white
LED panel 30x120 cm 32W 3840lm [high lumen] 6000K daylight white
LED panel 30x120 cm 36W 4320lm [high lumen] 4000K neutral white
LED panel 30x120 cm 36W 4320lm [high lumen] 3000K warm white
LED panel 30x120 cm 36W 4320lm [high lumen] 6000K daylight white
LED panel 30x120 cm 29W 3400lm [high lumen] 3000K warm white
LED panel 30x120 cm 29W 3400lm [high lumen] 6400K daylight white

As you might have noticed, the difference between the different LED panels is mainly in the number of lumens per watt and the light color. The number of lumens per watt is a good measure to determine how economical an LED panel actually is. A high number of lumens and low consumption in wattage means that the 30x120 LED panel is very economical.

The applications

As described, LED panels of 30x120 are mainly used in the business market. But which LED panel fits best with which room. Below is a brief overview:

30x120 LED panels 3000K
Warm white lighting creates atmosphere in every room. The slightly yellow light feels warm and therefore quickly creates a cozy atmosphere. We therefore see a lot of warm white colors in public spaces where relaxation is allowed. You can think of: Restaurants, shops, canteens, sports halls, libraries and hotels.

30x120 LED panels 4000K
4000K means that the LED panel is shining bright white light. This is a pleasant work light because it illuminates the room well without distorting the light. In other words, everything retains the original colors without distortion. Of course this is also nice for product presentation and in an industrial setting. The 4000K variant is often found in: Offices, schools, kitchens, showrooms, swimming pools, hairdressers and jewelers.

30x120 LED panels 6000K
Are you looking for a LED panel with extremely bright white light? Then we recommend the 6000K LED panel. These LED panels give daylight white light, so the light does not come across as artificial. Places where these LED panels are frequently used are: Warehouses, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, clothing stores and workshops.

30x120 LED panel replaces the fluorescent fixtures and tubes

The 30x120 size of these LED panels is no coincidence. This size replaces the old familiar fluorescent fixtures and tubes without problems. The installation method is very simple, you disassemble the old fixture and you easily install the 30x120 LED panel. If you do not have a system ceiling, but still want to use our beautiful 30x120 LED panels, then you can mount them in one of the following ways:

Mounting frame: a particularly nice fixing method where you mount the LED panel against the ceiling. The transformer is also invisibly by the standard 5 cm high mounting frame. You can place these through the installation space on top of the LED panel.

Suspension system: hanging the LED panel gives a totally different atmosphere than a built-in LED panel. This style is popular with people with an industrial taste at. The maximum depth is one meter.

Clamping springs: with this mounting method the LED panels can be fitted tightest against the ceiling. The installation and assembly with clamping springs is very easy.

Questions about our 30x120 LED panels?

Do you still not know exactly which LED panels you need after reading this text? Then ask one of our product specialists. You can easily reach them via info@into-led.com or by calling 0031-452 08 01 28.