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60x60 LED Panels 25 Watt

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LED Panels 60x60 25 Watt

The LED panels 60x60 25 Watt are ideal for illuminating offices, meeting rooms or classrooms. They are easy to install in almost any suspended ceiling, thanks to Plug & Play mounting. With a high-quality light output, the 25W 60x60 panel is indispensable in the working environment. With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, the 25W 60x60 panels will last for years. You save a lot of installation, replacement and maintenance costs.

Advantages of the 25W Panel 60x60

The 25 Watt 60x60 panels are energy efficient and ideal for use in professional environments such as offices or classrooms. The 25W 60x60 is suitable for smaller areas and has a very high light output. A big advantage of LED panels is their durability and quality. The lamps are flicker-free and have no warm-up time. This means that you immediately get full light.

Besides the quality of the light and the durability, the 60x60 25W panels are also environmentally friendly. They are free of mercury and lead, and have no infrared.

Variations on the 25 Watt Panels 60x60

If you are looking for LED panels 60x60 for slightly larger spaces, you can take a look at the 36 Watt 60x60 panels.

INTOLED also has a variety of sizes and colour temperatures available. If you are looking for warm white lighting, you can take a look at the LED Panels 60x60 3000K. These provide an atmospheric working environment. Then there is also the LED Panels 60x60 4000K which produces a neutral white light colour. If you are looking for lighting for a room with little or no daylight, the LED Panels 60x60 6000K are a suitable choice.

Depending on your ceiling, you choose which size is most suitable. Next to LED Panels 60x60 there are LED Panels 30x30, LED Panels 30x60, LED Panels 30x120, LED Panels 60x120 and LED Panels 62x62. At INTOLED you will find it all.

Interested in the 60x60 25W LED Panels?

Are you interested in buying the LED Panels 60x60 25 Watt, but do you still have some questions? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists are ready to answer all your questions. You can reach us at +31 (0)85 303 0027 or [email protected]. You can also leave a message on the chat.