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60x60 LED Panels 32 Watt

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LED Panels 60x60 32 Watt

When you are looking for the right working light, choose the LED Panels 60x60 32 Watt from INTOLED. The 32W panels 60x60 are an energy-efficient and cost-saving lighting source. Thanks to the long lifespan of an average of 50,000 hours, you will enjoy it for years, but also save on replacement costs and maintenance costs. In addition, the LED panels 32W 60x60 are easy to install yourself due to the Plug & Play mounting. So there is no need to hire an installer. The 32W panel 60x60 is also suitable for almost any suspended ceiling or can serve as a pendant luminaire.

Advantages of the 60x60 32W Panels

The 32 Watt LED panels 60x60 are an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient choice for lighting office buildings, schools or supermarkets. They are free of mercury and lead, and will last for years. The 32 Watt panels 60x60 also look beautiful and modern, which provides a sleek appearance. They are easy to keep clean and dust free because of the flat design.

The light output of the 60x60 panels 32 Watt is of very high quality. The lamps are flicker-free and have no warm-up time. So you immediately have the desired full light.

Variants on the 60x60 Panel 32 Watt 

When you are planning to purchase new work lighting, it is useful to know what to choose from. At INTOLED you will find next to the 60x60 32W panel, also the 25 Watt 60x60 panels, 36 Watt 60x60 panels or 40 Watt 60x60 panels.

LED panels come in various sizes and colour temperatures. So you can also take a look at the 60x60 panel 3000K. This has a warm white light colour which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the workspace. In addition, there is the 60x60 panel 4000K, with a light colour in neutral white. This is the most commonly used colour temperature for offices and classrooms. For spaces where there is little or almost no light, the 60x60 panel 6000K is the most suitable option.

Before purchasing your LED panels, we recommend that you take a good look at your suspended ceiling. It is useful to know how big the size of the lamps should be. At INTOLED there are a variety of sizes available, namely LED Panels 60x60, LED Panels 30x30, LED Panels 30x60, LED Panels 30x120, LED Panels 60x120 and LED Panels 62x62.

Interested in purchasing the LED Panels 32W 60x60?

Are you interested in buying the 32 Watt LED Panels 60x60, but do you still have some questions you would like to have answered? Feel free to contact our customer service. Call +31 (0)85 303 0027 and you will get one of our LED specialists on the line. You can also reach us via email [email protected] or via the chat.