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Dimmable LED Panels 30x120

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LED Panel - Dimmable - 30x120 cm - 36 Watt - 4500lm (125lm/W) - 3000K - Flicker-free
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LED Panel - Dimmable - 30x120 cm - 36 Watt - 4500lm (125lm/W) - 4000K - Flicker-free
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LED Panel - Dimmable - 30x120 cm - 36 Watt - 4500lm (125lm/W) - 6000K - Flicker-free
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Dimmable LED panels 30x120

Dimmable LED panels measuring 30x120 cm are the ideal lighting source for professional environments such as offices, schools, practices, hospitals, shops and more. If you need new LED panels, choose the 30x120 cm dimmable LED panels from INTOLED. This will save you a lot of energy and energy costs, and give you high quality light.

Energy saving with 30x120 panels

LED panels in general are an energy efficient product and give good light. For this reason, they are mainly used for working environments. The dimmable LED panels 30x120 cm have a high light output of 125lm/W and consume only 36 Watt. You have a high luminous flux at low energy consumption.

Besides the energy efficiency, the dimmable LED panels 30x120 are also of high quality. A dimmable LED panel 30x120 has a long lifespan of an average of 50,000 hours. By not always burning a dimmable LED panel at 100%, you can ensure that you save extra energy, but also extend the lifespan.

The light output is also of high quality. For example, the dimmable panels are 30x120 free of harmful substances, they are flicker-free and they produce diffuse light which ensures even illumination of the room. The fact that the dimmable panels 30x120 do not flicker contributes to a longer concentration.

Choose the appropriate light colour

The LED dimmable panels 30x120 cm come in various light colours, so that you have the right light output for every type of room and environment. For a warm light colour, a 3000K panel is what you are looking for. The 3000K dimmable LED panels 30x120 have a warm white light colour, which creates atmosphere in the room. For this reason they are often used for environments where it is allowed to be atmospheric. Think of hotels, restaurants, office lobbies etcetera. If you are looking for lighting for an office space or a classroom, you can choose to purchase the 4000K dimmable LED panels 30x120. These panels have a neutral white light colour, which many people experience as pleasant working light. If you are looking for brighter light, then the 6000K dimmable LED panels 30x120 are what you are looking for. The dimmable panels 30x120 6000K have a daylight white light colour. This light colour is often used in rooms where there is little or no daylight, or where good lighting is needed. Think of hospitals and practices, but also offices and libraries.

Installation of 30x120 dimmable LED panels

If the room where you want to mount the panels has a suspended ceiling, the dimmable 30x120 panels are easy to install. They fit in almost any suspended ceiling. The LED panels dimmable 30x120 are nicely concealed in the ceiling. The transformer is also not visible on a suspended ceiling, because you can conceal it nicely in the suspended ceiling. The dimmable LED panels 30x120 cm have a rectangular shape. Besides the 30x120 cm format there is also the option to choose for the 60x60 cm dimmable LED panels.

If the room does not have a suspended ceiling, you can make use of mounting frames. These are available in different variants, suitable for any size of dimmable LED panel. You can find the frames on the page with the LED panel accessories, where you will also find suspension systems and other products to make installation easier.

Want to buy LED dimmable LED panel 30x120 cm?

Are you planning to equip your office building with new LED panels? Take a look at the available LED panels on this page, and order them at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. With the dimmable LED panels 30x120 cm from INTOLED you are eligible for an EIA subsidy. The perfect way to make an office more sustainable. Do you have any questions about the dimmable panels 30x120? Feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We also offer customised lighting plans. If you would like advice on the quantity of panels you should purchase and which panels are best for you, and of course at the best price, please also contact us. Our LED specialists are ready to help you further.