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LED Recessed porch lights dimmable

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12x Betty black Smart LED Recessed spots complete set - Wifi & Bluetooth - 12V - 3 Watt - 2700K warm white
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Dimmable porch Recessed Downlights

Porch recessed spotlights come in all shapes and sizes. There are IP44 LED recessed spotlights, IP65 recessed spotlights, non-dimmable LED recessed spots and dimmable LED recessed spotlights. Not every porch recessed spot is dimmable. This depends on the transformer that comes with it. INTOLED offers a wide and diverse range of dimmable porch recessed spotlights.

Different lines of dimmable porch recessed spotlights

At INTOLED we offer various lines of dimmable porch recessed spotlights. Depending on the porch and of course your taste, you can choose from INTOLED for: Sienna, Milano, Malaga, Granada and Navarra. Below you will find more information about these porch recessed spots:

  • Sienna porch recessed spotlights: beautiful set of dimmable recessed spotlights with remote control and an IP value of 44. This makes these spots splash proof. As one of the few dimmable porch recessed spots these spots are tiltable up to an angle of 25 °.

  • Milano porch recessed spots: this line is very resistant to moisture and dust with an IP65 value, this spot is best resistant to moisture and dust. Of course, the Milano line is also dimmable and therefore comes standard with a remote control, with which you can dim the spots remotely.

  • Malaga porch recessed spotlights: Contains exactly the same spots as the Milano line. With this line you also receive a LED wall dimmer. This beautiful dimmer has a futuristic look with a blue illuminated touchscreen. A real eye-catcher and effortless to find in the dark.

  • Granada porch recessed spotlights: this set consists of the same porch recessed spotlights as the Sienna line. Similar to the Malaga line, this set consists of the wireless LED wall dimmer.

  • Navarra porch recessed spotlights: this special line of dimmable porch recessed spotlights can be installed and built in, and has a mounting depth of only 15 mm. This set also comes with our remote control and is expandable with the wireless wall dimmer.

Why dimmable porch recessed spotlights?

Fortunately, most of our customers already see the advantage of dimmable porch recessed lights. Our best selling product from this category is the dimmable Milano set of 6 pieces. Because dimmable LED lighting is adjustable in terms of brightness in different strengths, you can adjust the intensity of the light to your mood and mood with dimmable LED recessed lights. In addition, it fits better in a porch that is illuminated throughout the year, because on a drizzly autumn day you can let the built-in spotlights burn a little less brightly. This way you create a unique atmosphere in the porch in an instant.
Dimmable porch recessed spotlights; the technical specifications
As described, all dimmable porch recessed spots are supplied with a dimmable transformer and remote control. The spots are directly dimmable after connection. The dimmable transformer makes contact with the remote control via a 2.4 GHz radio frequency, allowing you to dim the recessed spotlights from any room in the house. Dimming the recessed spots can be from 100% to 5%, it is not possible to completely dim the spots. In addition, you can dim the recessed spotlights continuously or in increments of 25 percent.

Do you decide to purchase several sets at INTOLED? With our 4-channel remote control you can control up to four different sets with one remote control. Never again the wrong remote control in your hand.