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Light colour help


The colour of LED lighting is an important factor when it comes to the atmosphere in a room. The colour of LED lighting is expressed in Kelvin (K). If LED has a high number of Kelvin, the colour of the light is cold. A lower number of Kelvin stands for a warm light colour. Where you need a warm light colour at home, that is the other way around in an office or warehouse. When purchasing LED lighting, it is important that you purchase LED lighting with the correct number of Kelvin for your situation.

At INTOLED we offer different light colours. As an example, however, we take our LED panels which for all types of lamps is the light colour the same. For example, we offer LED panels in 3000K warm white, 4000K bright white or Neutral white and 6000K Daylight white also called Cold white. As indicated, the correct colour of the light is completely dependent on the situation in which the lighting is placed. You can often see 3000K lighting in lobbies, restaurants, shops and changing rooms. After all, it is important that the light provides cosiness and atmosphere. 4000K neutral white light is the most popular, due to the neutral light colour. You can see these 4000K panels in offices, showrooms, hairdressing salons and schools. The colour of the light must be bright in these situations, but not atmospheric. Finally, there are the 6000K LED panels. These are used in rooms where it is of great importance that there is enough daylight present. Think of warehouses and workshops, but also in dental practices and hospitals. In these situations it is more important that the light is bright, instead of atmospheric.


LED panel colour selection

In the picture below you see 3 different LED panels. The first panel is with 3000K warm white light, the second is with 4000K bright white light and the third is 6000K with daylight white light.



In a private house a light colour of 2700-3000K is often chosen. This is often the standard that is sold and can be compared to halogen or incandescent lamps.

Light values for different applications

Below you can see a table with different light colours values and in which rooms they are most used.

colour temperature Setting
Warm White  
3000K Livingroom
3000K Bar
3000K Library
3000K Cinema
3000K Casino
3000K Daycare
3000K Drugstore
3000K Town hall
3000K Hotels
3000K gastronomy
3000K Restaurants
3000K Sauna
3000K Theater
3000K Waiting room
Neutral White  
4000K Car showroom
4000K Pharmacy
4000K Doctors practice
4000K Bike shop
4000K Fitness center
4000K Office
4000K Schools
4000K Shoe store
4000K Hairdresser's
Daylight White  
6000K Atelier
6000K Workshop
6000K Warehouse
6000K Physiotherapy room
6000K Parking garage
6000K Repair store
6000K Dentist

If you have any questions about choosing the right light colour, please contact one of our lighting specialists by phone at +31 85 8085 238 or send an e-mail to [email protected]