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Always New, Ever Growing

Long known for its fine electronic ballasts, Fulham has emerged as a global supplier of new technologies including LED drivers, LED modules, LED engines, LED and fluorescent emergency lighting solutions, exit and emergency lighting, electronic HID, and induction lighting systems.

The future holds the promise of “connected and intelligent” lighting products, and Fulham is leading that charge with new products featuring data and communication capabilities, digital addressing, programmable outputs, self-diagnostics, settable dimming curves, thermal protection and operating data.

Armed with global manufacturing capabilities and a forward-leaning mindset, Fulham is dedicated to servicing clients new and old, near and far, to the same standards they’ve grown accustomed to. Consider us your partners – we are not and will not be in the fixture business. Our sole purpose is to help you build great products.

Fulham’s rigorous quality control program ranks among the highest in the industry, resulting in a remarkably low product failure rate. Fulham’s product diversity and excellence is due, in part, to its international staff of world-class engineers and production experts and its investment and commitment to leadership in product innovation. Fulham’s sales and service excellence can be attributed to over 800 employees stationed around the globe in facilities in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Wherever you are, anywhere worldwide, Fulham is ready to serve all your lighting needs. Whether you need industrial or commercial lighting components – components for different specialty luminaires or lighting systems, such as signage, POP or ad kiosks; refrigeration; tanning beds; retrofit kits for parking lot and/or street lighting; emergency lighting; or anything else where dependable, versatile, low-maintenance lighting is essential – Fulham can meet your needs.