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LED Bulbs in all forms

Light color
Hole size
IP Rate
E27 LED Bulb 5.5 Watt 2700K Replaces 40 Watt
1,45 Incl. VAT 0,99
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
GU10 LED spotlight 5 Watt 4000K 110°
2,95 Incl. VAT 1,95
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs

LED lamps in all shapes and sizes

In our LED lamps category, you will find an overview of all our light sources. In this category you will find a wide range of LED bulbs, T8 LED tube lights and T5 LED tube lights, LED High Bays and LED fixtures. The switch to LED products is always a good idea. Due to the extremely sustainable nature of LED, the products last much longer than old-fashioned lamps. The biggest saving, however, lies in the low energy consumption of LED lamps. Because LED lamps consume up to 80 percent less energy than old-fashioned lamps, the payback time is often less than one to two years. The investment to switch to LED lamps can be earned back in no time!

LED lamps with E27, E14 and GU10 fittings

LED lamps with various fittings, including E27, E14 and GU10 fittings fit effortlessly into most common wall lamps, garden lanterns and hanging lamps. The LED lamps in this category are of the highest quality and have been selected on the basis of consumption and service life. We also offer a number of LED lamps with extra smart features. For example, our smart E27 LED bulb, which you can control with your voice using Google Home or Alexa. In this category you will also find a number of dimmable LED lamps. These can easily be dimmed in three different positions without any dimmer.

Industrial LED lamps

Also for the business and industrial market we have a beautiful range of LED lamps. How about our LED high bays. These LED lamps are ideal for illuminating very high spaces. The lamps have a very high lumen output, which allows them to effortlessly illuminate large industrial buildings. Looking for LED lamps for use in a humid environment, such as a cooling system? Then choose for our range of IP65 LED luminaires. These lamps are very resistant to moisture and have a guaranteed life span of at least 20,000 - 50,000 hours.

Want to buy LED lamps?

Do you have any questions about our range of LED lamps? Then our product specialists are ready for you. The best way to reach them is via [email protected] or by calling +31853030027. Of course you can also reach them via the chat.