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Smart GU10 LED Spots

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GU10 Smart

When you want to customize your home to your preference, choose the GU10 smart lights. These lights can easily be placed in almost any fixture with a GU10 fitting, turning an ordinary lamp into a smart lamp. By means of voice control or an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control the GU10 smart bulbs without any effort. Easy, but also energy efficient and durable.


Smart lighting is no longer something of the future, it's something of the present. Making your home smarter has never been easier. With the GU10 smart lights you determine the desired light colour, light intensity and burning hours of any room. The smart GU10 lights are the link to your WIFI, making it the link to your smartphone, tablet, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or any other smart assistant. Via an app you can set time schedules and control the bulbs directly. Via Alexa or Google Home you can also control the lights by voice.

Advantages Smart GU10 lights

Using the smart GU10 lamps from INTOLED brings a lot of advantages. Besides the smart functions, the GU10 smart spots are LED lights. This means that they consume little energy, are very durable and save a lot of costs. The bulbs last 50,000 hours, so you can enjoy them for years to come. And thanks to their dimmability, you can also extend this lifespan by not always leaving the GU10 smart lights on at 100%. In addition, the GU10 smart lights can be set in all kinds of colours and colour temperatures. If you want to try something different, you don't have to buy new lighting.

Regular GU10 lights

Are you looking for regular GU10 bulbs? Then take a look at the category GU10. Here you will find GU10 lights with colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K, and luminance levels from GU10 3W to GU10 7W.

Interested in buying the Smart GU10 lights?

Are you interested in the GU10 smart, but still have questions? Please contact our customer service. Our LED specialists will be happy to help you. Call +31 (0)85 303 0027 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also reach us during our opening hours via chat.