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4 Watt E14 LED Bulbs

Light color
IP Rate
E14 LED Bulb 4 Watt 4000K Replaces 30 Watt
1,40 Incl. VAT 1,20
Incl. 21% VAT
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E14 LED Bulb 3.7 Watt 3000K Replaces 25 Watt
1,40 Incl. VAT 1,20
Incl. 21% VAT
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E14 4 Watt

An E14 LED bulb of 4 Watt is a very popular LED bulb on the market. The E14 LED bulb 4 Watt has an E14 fitting, which fits in every E14 fixture with 4 Watt power consumption, the E14 bulb is a very energy efficient light source. Take a look at the various designs and variants of the E14 LED lamp 4 Watt from INTOLED.

E14 4 Watt LED replaces 30 Watt halogen

The E14 LED bulb with 4 Watt has a low power consumption. With 4 Watt the E14 LED bulb replaces a 30 Watt halogen bulb or filament bulb. This makes the 4 Watt E14 LED lamp more than 85% more economical! When you replace your old filament bulbs and halogen bulbs for an E14 LED bulb 4W, you save on a lot of energy costs.

Another difference you will notice when you replace an old-fashioned E14 bulb for an E14 LED 4W, is the lifespan of the product. The E14 LED lamp 4W has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. So they will last for years. This also saves you on replacement costs.

E14 4 Watt with candle shape

When you take a look at the E14 4W bulbs from INTOLED, you will see that most variants are a candle bulb. The traditional candle bulbs are back in design. However, the traditional candle bulbs are a lot more environmentally unfriendly and consume a lot more energy than the LED version. So the E14 LED bulb 4 Watt is an improved version of the old candle bulb. So you still have the popular candle shape which is very popular and the atmospheric light output in a warm white light colour, but much more economical and environmentally friendly.

E14 LED light bulb 4 Watt

The E14 4 Watt bulbs are available in LED version and in LED filament version. The old-fashioned filament bulbs are recognizable because they are made of glass and have carbon wire. The effect of the carbon wire is very atmospheric, and are very popular these days. At INTOLED you will find an LED light bulb variant of the beautiful candle light bulbs. The E14 4 Watt LED bulbs have the same interesting carbon wire effect, but are a lot more economical than the old-fashioned version.

Any questions?

Are you interested in buying an E14 LED bulb 4 Watt? Then take a look at what is available at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. Do you still have questions about the E14 LED bulb with 4 Watt? Feel free to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists can be reached by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.