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2000K E27 LED Bulbs

Light color
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LED Bulb Amber glass 8 Watt E27 A67 2200K
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Incl. 21% VAT
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LED Bulb 8 Watt E27 2000K dimmable
29,95 Incl. VAT 26,95
Incl. 21% VAT
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E27 2000K

The E27 LED bulbs with a colour temperature of 2000K are the real mood creator for the home, the catering industry or hotels. The E27 2000K LED bulbs have a very warm white light colour, which is also comparable to the light of a sunrise. So you can imagine that this light brings atmosphere in every room. The E27 LED bulbs 2000K are available in the most interesting designs. Want to know more about the E27 LED bulbs 2000K? Then feel free to read on.

Colour temperature 2000 Kelvin

We mentioned earlier that the E27 2000K LED bulbs have an extremely warm light colour. They are therefore mainly intended as mood lighting for the home. Kelvin expresses the colour temperature of lighting. The lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light. And the higher the Kelvin, the cooler the light. Are you looking for more similar LED bulbs as the E27 2000K LED bulbs, with warm white light? Then take a look at the 2200K E27 LED bulbs, E27 2700K LED bulbs and E27 3000K LED bulbs.

For E27 LED bulbs with a neutral white light colour, the 4000K E27 LED bulbs are a suitable option. These are very versatile because of the light colour. Most people experience it as pleasant working light, which means that they are often used in rooms and environments such as study rooms, offices and schools. For a daylight white light colour we recommend the E27 6400K LED bulbs.

LED filament bulb E27

When you take a look at the products on this page, you will notice that the E27 2000K LED bulbs are actually LED filament bulbs. The LED filament bulbs with 2000K colour temperature are not only atmospheric in light, but also very modern and trendy. The classic retro designs are back and have been upgraded this time. They are a lot more energy efficient and better for the environment than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. The interesting thing about the LED filament E27 2000K are the shapes, the glass and the filaments. The shapes and designs of the E27 2000K LED filament bulbs are very pronounced. A true eye-catcher. We give you the tip to use the E27 2000K LED filament bulbs in a fixture where the lamp can stand out well. A lampshade is almost a shame!

E27 fitting

The 2000K LED lamp E27 has an E27 fitting. This is a common fitting which you see in almost every environment. The E27 fitting is especially popular at home. An E27 fitting has a wider thread, which is 27 mm in diameter. These are easily recognisable. If you are dealing with a fitting that requires a narrow thread, then you probably need an E14 LED bulb. An E14 bulb has an E14 fitting, which is 14 mm in diameter. Together with the E27 fitting this is a common fitting.

Want to buy 2000K E27 bulbs?

Are you interested in buying a 2000K LED bulb E27? Then take a look at the options available at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. Do you have any questions about the LED bulbs E27 2000K? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. You can reach our LED specialists by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.