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8 Watt E27 LED bulbs

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E27 8 Watt

The E27 LED bulb 8 Watt is a good choice when you are looking for an energy efficient, sustainable and economical E27 bulb. The E27 8W LED bulbs from INTOLED have an E27 fitting so they fit in every E27 fixture. You will probably come across this fixture in your own home. You see them a lot in modern wall lights, hanging lights, floor lights and so on. The E27 8 Watt bulb uses very little energy and has a high light output.

Energy efficient 8W E27 bulb

LED lighting in general is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting source. Also with the E27 LED lights with 8 Watt you save a lot of energy. These replace a halogen bulb of 60 Watt. This is a difference of more than 85% on energy consumption.

The lifespan of the 8W E27 bulb also plays a role in the economy of the product. The bulb lasts an average of 20,000 burning hours, which means that you don't have to replace the bulb for years. This saves you extra replacement costs.

E27 8W modern LED bulbs

Nowadays it is very modern to have the LED bulb visible in a room. Think of hanging lights in restaurants, hotels, office buildings or perhaps above your dining table. You see a lot of lights where the E27 8W bulb is visible in the fixture. At INTOLED you will also find E27 8W LED filament bulbs in the range. With LED filament bulbs it is extra interesting to have the light visible as an extra detail in a room.

8 Watt with E27 fitting

An E27 LED bulb is a popular bulb because of its fitting. The E27 8W bulb has a thread thickness of 27 mm, which fits in an E27 fitting. This fixture is widely used for all kinds of lamp types. Do you need to replace a bulb with a narrower thread? Then you are probably looking for an E14 LED bulb.

Questions about E27 8W bulbs?

Are you interested in buying an E27 8W LED bulb? Of course you can at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. Do you still have questions about the 8W E27 bulb or another LED product? Feel free to contact our customer service. Talk to one of our LED specialists during our opening hours by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.