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2 Watt GU10 LED Spots

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GU10 LED lamp 2 Watt 3000K Samsung Chip (replaces 15W)
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GU10 LED lamp 2 Watt 4000K Samsung Chip (replaces 15W)
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GU10 LED lamp 2 Watt 6400K Samsung Chip (replaces 15W)
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GU10 2 Watt

The GU10 2 Watt LED bulb or LED spot is a good replacement for the 15W halogen bulbs. A GU10 LED lamp 2 Watt fits in every GU10 fixture, thanks to the GU10 fitting. A GU10 2 Watt bulb is mainly used for recessed lighting. Think of recessed bulbs in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom: almost everywhere in the house.

Luminous intensity 2W GU10 LED bulb

The energy consumption of the 2 Watt LED GU10 spot is very minimal. With 2 Watt consumption the spot replaces a 15 Watt halogen lamp. Switching to LED lighting is therefore a very conscious choice: you save costs with it. The GU10 2 Watt LED bulb has a high light output of 180 lumens despite the low energy consumption.

Next to the 2 Watt GU10 bulbs you will also find the 5 Watt GU10 spots and the 10 Watt GU10 spots in the assortment of INTOLED.

Long lifespan of the LED GU10 2 Watt bulb

With a GU10 LED spot 2 Watt you don't have to worry about replacement costs or maintenance costs. The GU10 LED spot 2W has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. With this, you can move forward for years to come. Please note that all GU10 LED spots with 2 Watt have a protection degree of IP20. This means that it is only suitable for dry rooms. This makes them ideal for the living room, bedroom, hallway or toilet.

Light colours of 2 Watt GU10

The 2 Watt GU10 bulbs available at INTOLED come in different light colours. The colour temperature is indicated in Kelvin. Are you looking for a GU10 2W bulb with a warm white light colour? Then take a look at the 3000K GU10 spots. For a neutral white light colour the 4000K GU10 spot is a good choice. If you are looking for a cool white light colour, then the 6400K GU10 spot is what you are looking for.

2W GU10 bulb suitable for recessed lighting

The GU10 spot in general is a very popular LED lamp. The GU10 fitting comes back in a lot of different types of lamps. When you look around the house, you will notice what you are using a GU10 spot for. This can be in recessed lighting as the recessed bulbs on the bathroom, in the kitchen, maybe your living room. But you can also find them in wall lights and ceiling lights, or outdoor lighting as ground lights or garden spike lights.

De GU10 2W kopen?

Heb je interesse in het kopen van de GU10 LED spots van INTOLED, maar heb je nog vragen? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Dit kan door te bellen naar +31 (0)85 303 0027 of een mail te sturen naar [email protected]. Een van onze LED specialisten zal jou verder helpen met je vragen.