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Dimmable GU10 LED Bulbs

Light color
IP Rate
GU10 SMART LED WW-CW Wifi 4.5 Watt 110° Dimmable
13,95 Incl. VAT 9,95
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
Dimmable GU10 LED light 6.5 Watt 6400K 38°
4,95 Incl. VAT 3,45
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
Dimmable GU10 LED light 6.5 Watt 4000K 38°
4,95 Incl. VAT 3,45
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
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GU10 Dimmable

For illuminating objects, illuminating dark spaces or simply creating a cosy atmosphere, choose the GU10 dimmable from INTOLED. The dimmable GU10 bulbs are ideal for the home, office, shop, hotel or catering industry. The dimmable LED GU10 bulbs fit in almost any luminaire with a GU10 fitting. Thanks to the long life of the lights, you will enjoy them for years to come.

GU10 dimmable bulbs; advantages

GU10 LED lights in general are very durable, energy efficient and cost effective lights. So are the GU10 dimmable bulbs. Because of the dimmability you consume less energy and you can extend the life of the lights. They do not always have to be lit at 100% light intensity. This saves on energy costs, maintenance costs and replacement costs. You also determine the atmosphere in each room, and the desired light output. If you want to replace your old-fashioned halogen lights for the LED dimmable GU10 bulbs, this is very easy to do. You push the spotlight into the fixture and turn it a quarter turn. After that, the GU10 dimmable lights are ready for use.


The dimmable GU10 lights from INTOLED are available in different light intensities. Take a look at the GU10 3W lights, which replace the existing 35W halogen lights. In addition, there are the GU10 5W lights, which replace the 40W halogen lights. Then there is also the choice of the GU10 7W lights. These replace the existing 50W halogen lights.

Light colours

The LED dimmable GU10 bulbs are available in several light colours. So you can choose for extra warm white light with the 2700K GU10 lights. This creates a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The 3000K GU10 lights have a warm white colour, which is beautiful in the bedroom, hall or living room. Rather looking for neutral white light? Then take a look at the 4000K GU10 lights.

Interested in purchasing the GU10 dimmable?

Are you interested in the dimmable LED GU10 bulbs from INTOLED? Then feel free to take a look at our assortment. Can't quite get out of it and do you need some advice? No problem! Call +31 (0)85 303 0027 or send us an email to [email protected], and one of our LED specialists will help you. You can also reach us via chat, during our opening hours.