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Garden lighting fence

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Fence lighting

Little space in the garden for lighting? Then fence lighting is one of the best options. Good fence lights, you can easily place in your garden. You can easily hide the cables behind the fence panels, or choose for solar lights as fence lights. At INTOLED you can find a diverse range of fence lights. In this category you will find all fence lights. Some products, such as bollard lights or garden spots, don't seem to fit directly on the fence. However, you can not only place them in the ground, but also simply mount them on the wall.

Our garden fence lights offer

Many of the LED garden lights, can also be easily applied as fence lights. The most important thing with fence lights is to pay attention to the size of the lights. A fence light must fit well on the fence panels. This ensures that a LED spotlight, for example, is very suitable. This has the wiring behind the spot. This ensures that you can easily mount the spot on a fence and also the wire through the fence. This also applies to our fence wall lights. Our range of fence lighting includes:

How to hide the wiring in fence lighting

Fence lighting looks best when you hide the wiring behind the lighting in its entirety. The best way to achieve this is to clamp the wiring behind the fence with clamps. This ensures that there is no movement in the wiring behind the fence panels. The chance that the wiring of the fence lights will be visible from wind and weather is very small. In addition, make sure you have enough shrubs near your fence lighting. This also makes the cable that goes into the ground invisible.

Questions about our lighting fixtures?

With such a wide range of fence lights, we understand that you may have some questions, about the installation of our products. Do you have any questions? Then our product specialists are ready for you. You can best reach them via the chat on our webshop.