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Spike lights with GU10 socket

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LED GU10 Garden Spikes

To light up your garden in a stylish and atmospheric way, choose the LED GU10 garden spikes from INTOLED. Aim the GU10 garden spikes at your trees, plants, pond, flowers or facade, to give atmospheric light accents to your garden and put objects in the spotlight. This is not only fun in summer, but also in winter when you look into the garden. 

The perfect Garden Lights

When it comes to the GU10 garden spike lights from INTOLED, you don't have to worry about a rainstorm. The GU10 garden spike is protected against water, with a protection rating of IP44. In addition to the GU10 garden spike with IP44, there are other IP44 garden spikes, but also IP65 garden spikes. These are jet water resistant.

Colour temperatures of the GU10 Garden Spike

The GU10 garden spike lights are a good option if you want to light up your fence, trees or plants in your garden. The GU10 garden spike lights have a GU10 fixture in which a GU10 bulb fits. The GU10 bulbs come in all kinds of different colour temperatures, from warm white light to daylight white light. Take a look at the lights and choose one of the light colours between 2700K and 6500K.

In addition to the GU10 garden spike lights you will also find LED garden spikes including a light source at INTOLED.

Easy installation of the GU10 Garden Spikes

The GU10 garden spike lights are easy to assemble yourself in your garden. You put the garden spike in the ground after which you connect the garden spike lights with the power cable. The GU10 garden spikes are equipped with a cable with an average length of 30 cm. If you want to make sure that the cables are watertight, we recommend you to buy our IP68 cable connector. These are especially useful when you want to place a set of multiple ground spots.

Garden lighting at INTOLED

At INTOLED you will find besides the LED garden spikes a variation of LED garden lights. For example, the fixture of the garden spike lights protrudes above the ground, while the LED ground lights are placed almost flush with the ground. This also creates a cozy atmosphere in your backyard or lights up the car driveway.

Questions about the LED Garden Spike GU10?

Do you have any questions about the GU10 LED garden spike lights and would you like to receive more information? That's possible. Feel free to contact our customer service by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or sending an email to [email protected]. One of our LED specialists will be happy to help you.