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LED ground lights cool white 6000K

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LED ground lights cool white 6000K

The 6000K LED ground lights have a daylight warm light colour. With this light colour you have bright and cool light, which ensures good lighting in any dark environment. The ground lights are of high quality, in both the fixture and the light output. The 6000K ground lights are also very energy efficient and durable.

6000 Kelvin, daylight white light

With 6000 Kelvin you have a cool white light colour. A light colour which is also comparable to daylight white light. For this reason 6000K lamps are often used in dark rooms and environments where there is little or no daylight, and where good lighting is very important. Of course the 6000K colour temperature is also a good choice for garden lighting. The LED ground spots 6000K are ideal for in your backyard, on the facade, on the driveway or in professional or public outdoor environments.

Are you looking for LED ground lights with a warm light colour? Take a look at the LED ground lights 2700K. These have a warm white light colour which is also ideal for creating atmosphere in a room or environment. Are you looking for a neutral white light colour? Then take a look at the LED ground lights 4000K. This is a neutral light colour which you can see everywhere.

6000K ground lights with GU10 fitting

The ground lights 6000K have a GU10 fitting. This means that a GU10 spot can be incorporated in the 6000K LED ground spots. These GU10 spots can be found at INTOLED in all kinds of variants. Choose from one of the wattages 2 Watt GU10, 5 Watt GU10 and 10 Watt GU10, but also from one of the following light colours: 2700K GU10, 3000K GU10, 4000K GU10, 6000K GU10 and 6400K GU10.

It gives an advantage that you can change the GU10 spots in the fixture of the 6000K ground lights yourself. This makes it possible to decide for yourself how much energy you will use and which light colour should be the light output of the ground lights. Do you even want to turn the ground lights into smart ground spots? Then you can choose to put a smart GU10 in the fixture.

High quality ground lights 6000K

With the LED ground lights 6000K you don't have to worry about the quality of the fixture and the light output. The 6000K LED ground lights are made of high quality materials and have a high degree of protection against dust and water. The 6000K ground lights have an IP65 and IP67 rating. This means that you can install the 6000K LED ground lights in the open air. Please make sure that you place the 6000K ground lights in a ground floor, so that the water can escape and does not remain on the 6000K ground lights.

In addition to the IP value, the light quality of the 6000K LED ground lights is also important. The LED ground lights 6000K have a high luminous flux which makes it easy to illuminate objects in the area. For an extra beautiful effect, we recommend placing the 6000K ground lights near an object, wall or facade, so that the light beam can reflect against something. The light beam goes straight up and cannot be tilted. Are you looking for similar garden lighting where you can determine the direction of the light beam? Then take a look at the INTOLED LED garden spikes, available in the colour temperatures 2700K, 4000K and 6000K.

Ground lights with 6000K you buy at INTOLED

Are you interested in buying new LED ground spots? Then take a look at the 6000K LED ground lights from INTOLED, the online LED specialist. If you order before 22:00, the ground lights will be shipped today.

Do you have any questions about the 6000K LED ground lights? Then you can always contact our customer service. You can reach us by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also email us your questions at [email protected]. Our LED specialists are ready to answer your questions and advise you.