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House number lighting

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Numa - Solar illuminated house number with 8 LEDs - Solar house number illumination - with twilight switch - 3000K warm white - Black - IP65 waterproof
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Numa - Solar illuminated house number with 8 LEDs - Solar house number illumination - with twilight switch - 3000K warm white - silver - IP65 waterproof
14,95 24,95 Incl. VAT
Incl. 21% VAT
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House number lighting by INTOLED

The function of a house number is that the letter carrier, emergency services and visitors know where they should be. But did you know that a house number can also be very atmospheric? Especially with house number lighting from INTOLED.

Our house numbers with lighting easily last for decades. That's because they are equipped with durable LED chips. The illuminated house numbers are made of maintenance-free aluminum. This ensures that they remain beautiful and look like new. At INTOLED we have chosen to make our illuminated house number signs as plug and play as possible. A large part of our range consists of solar house number lights. These house numbers work on solar energy, so you don't need to have a power point nearby.

Solar house numbers with long burn time

The solar panels of our solar house numbers are equipped with tiny crystals. These crystals are called polycrystals. These tiny gems ensure that the solar house number lighting converts up to 80% more power into energy. This makes the house number lighting battery recharged in no time. On a single charge burns the LED house number solar lighting up to 12 hours long. The solar panel on the house number lighting battery is also completely seamless finished. This makes dust and dirt slide much easier from the panel. This ensures that the solar panel over a long time continues to work well and you do not need to clean often.

Illuminated house number signs for all house numbers

At INTOLED you can always compose your house number. You get all the letters and numbers to make any combination. With our illuminated house numbers, you get three times the numbers 0 /tm 9 and also all letters from A-Z. So you can lamp with house number completely compose to your taste.

Stylish wall lights with house number

Our atmospheric wall lights with house number shine a warm white light. This will gently illuminate the house number signs. Someone trying to read your house number will not be blinded by the light of the house number lamp. Besides the soft light color, the house number lighting is also not too bright. The wall lights never shine more than 300 lumens. Everything to ensure that the house number lights remain legible.

House number lighting from HOFTRONIC

All our house number lights are from the quality brand HOFTRONIC. This ensures that you can count on the best price, highest quality and best warranty conditions. On the house number signs with lights you get at least 2 years warranty. Should something go wrong with your LED house number in these two years, HOFTRONIC will provide a free replacement. All house number lighting is also tested for both functional and visual properties. This means that the lighting has all the important quality marks.

Installing house number lighting on battery

Installing the house number lighting from INTOLED is a piece of cake. This is because it falls under the category of solar house number lighting. The big advantage is that this house number lighting works on battery. This means that you don't need to have a power point at your front door to provide power to the illuminated house number signs. Only a matter of drilling holes and installing.

With our HOFTRONIC LED house numbers you get all the necessary materials to hang the house number lighting. Think of plugs, screws and of course the house numbers and letters.

Want to buy house number lighting?

Have you seen house number LED lighting? Then you can safely order it through our easy ordering process. You can choose from several payment options, including post-payment. When you order before 23:59, your order will be delivered the next day (so actually always). Have you seen a nice house number lighting product, but you still have some questions? Then our customer service is ready for you. You can best reach them by phone: +31 85 808 5238, by email to [email protected] or of course by chat via the webshop.