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LED Panels 30 x 30 cm

Light color
Hole size
IP Rate
LED panel 30x30 cm 18W 1800lm 4000K incl. driver 5 years warranty
16,95 / stuk
Incl. 21% VAT
LED panel 30x30 cm 18W 1800lm 3000K incl. driver 5 years warranty
16,95 / stuk
Incl. 21% VAT
LED panel 30x30 cm 18W 1800lm 6000K incl. driver 5 years warranty
16,95 / stuk
Incl. 21% VAT
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High-quality LED panels 30x30

LED panels with a size of 30x30 cm fit perfectly into a regular system ceiling with a grid of 30x30 cm. INTOLED only offers top quality LED panels which are supplied as standard with a driver. The biggest difference between the different LED panels is the size and the light color.

Low energy consumption, high light output

What should you look out for when purchasing a good LED panel? Pay particular attention to energy consumption (wattage) and light output (lumen). When a panel uses less than 100 lumen per Watt W then this is still relatively high, our 30x30 LED panels have a light output of no less than 100 lumen per watt, which means that with the consumption of 18 Watt you can replace perfectly your old lamp which has 75 watt energy consumption.

Choose the right light color for your 30x30 LED panel

Choosing the right light color is often a personal taste issue. Depending on the space in which you want to use the panels, one color fits slightly better than the other. Our best selling LED panel is the 4000K variant, because these panels emit a nice neutral white light, this light color always fits in most rooms. If you are looking for a little more atmosphere, choose a 3000K warm white color. And if you want to illuminate a workspace to the max, you are best off with the daylight white LED panels with a light color of 6000K.

No system ceiling?

Basically, LED Panels are designed for installation in a system ceiling. If you do not have a system ceiling, it is possible to install the 30x30 LED panels in a different way. We offer the following confirmation methods for this:

Surface-mounted frame: a particularly attractive fixing method where you mount the LED panel against the ceiling. The driver is also immediately invisible due to the standard 5 cm high mounting frame. You can place this through the installation space on top of the LED panel.
Suspension system: hanging the LED panel gives a totally different atmosphere than a built-in LED panel. This style is popular with INTOLED for people with an industrial taste. The maximum depth is one meter.
Clamping springs: with this fastening method the LED panels can be mounted most tightly against the ceiling. The installation and assembly with clamping springs is very easy.

Durable 30x30 LED panels

Our LED panels are designed to last a very long time. The lifespan of LED panels is often expressed in hours and or years. Our range of 30x30 LED panels excel in durability and even have an average life expectancy of 50,000 burning hours, on this superior LED panels and driver we also provide a 5 year all-in guarantee.

Buy LED panels 30x30

If, after reading the above, you still have questions and you are not sure which panel is most suitable for your situation, please contact us via: [email protected] or call us on: +31-452 08 01 21 . Our LED professionals are happy to help you with your questions.