Why choose LED Panels?

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Why choose LED Panels?

We are all more conscious about lighting our home and our working environment. We want to provide a room with lighting that is as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. This not only because it contributes to a better environment, but also because it saves us costs. In professional environments such as office buildings, we can imagine that you might be wondering how you, as an entrepreneur, can illuminate your premises in the most economical yet energy-efficient way. The answer to that question: LED panels. With this blog we explain the advantages of choosing an LED panel.

Highly luminous LED panels from HOFTRONIC 

Do you want to make your business premises more sustainable? Then the HOFTRONIC LED panels from INTOLED are the solution you are looking for. The HOFTRONIC panels are very economical with 36 Watt and 125lm/W. These are LED panels with an extremely high light output at low energy consumption. With these HOFTRONIC LED panels you can make any building more sustainable. No matter whether it is your office building, your hairdresser's shop or your shop. 

HOFTRONIC LED panels are not like any other LED panel. Thanks to the backlit technology, the LED panels are extra durable. You don't have to worry about dark spots, which do occur with panels without backlit technology. Discolouration of the diffuse panel with HOFTRONIC LED panels is also a thing of the past! With traditional panels you will notice after a while that they are yellowing, which will also change the light output. 

The LED panels of HOFTRONIC are produced from high quality materials and have a better heat conduction than a traditional panel. The HOFTRONIC panels do not heat up quickly and therefore have a longer lifespan of no less than 50,000 burning hours. 

Would you like to connect more panels to 1 group? That is no problem with the HOFTRONIC panels. The HOFTRONIC LED panels have a power factor of >0.9, which means that a large group can be connected to them. 

LED Panel 60x60 cm 36 Watt 4500lm (125lm/W) High Lumen 3000K Flicker-free 5 year warranty
LED Panel 60x60 cm 36 Watt 4500lm (125lm/W) High Lumen 4000K Flicker-free 5 year warranty
LED Panel 60x60 cm 36 Watt 4500lm (125lm/W) High Lumen 6000K Flicker-free 5 year warranty
LED Panel 30x120 cm 36 Watt 4500lm (125lm/W) High Lumen 3000K Flicker-free 5 year warranty
LED Panel 30x120 cm 36 Watt 4500lm (125lm/W) High Lumen 4000K Flicker-free 5 year warranty
LED Panel 30x120 cm 36 Watt 4500lm (125lm/W) High Lumen 6000K Flicker-free 5 year warranty

What are LED panels?

Let's first have a look at what an LED panel exactly is. An LED panel is a plate in which several LEDs are incorporated. They give diffuse light, which means that the light is evenly distributed. You do not look directly into an LED light source when looking at an LED panel, which is often the case with other light sources, such as LED fixtures or LED tubes. The diffuse light has no blinding effect.

What are the advantages of LED panels? 

When you fill a room with LED panels, you will benefit from the advantages. These are the advantages of LED panels: 

  • Energy efficient: you save on energy and therefore on energy costs. LED panels replace old fluorescent bins. When you replace old-fashioned fluorescent lighting for LED panels, you save as much as 75% on energy consumption.
  • Long lifespan: an LED panel lasts for years, so you don't have to worry about frequent replacement costs. There are panels that have a lifespan of no less than 50,000 hours.
  • High quality light output: the light output of the LED panels is very good. LED panels are flicker-free and have diffuse light. This contributes to the ability to concentrate and your well-being. With flashing lights it can happen that you get tired faster, have little concentration and even that you get a headache.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining an LED panel is very easy. If you want to clean the LED panel, all you have to do is go over the panel with a (damp) cloth. Because you can easily do this yourself, you save on maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • LED panels come in all sorts of sizes, so they are suitable for almost any suspended ceiling! The standard dimensions are: 30×30 cm, 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm and 30×120 cm. All these formats are available at INTOLED, including a number of extra formats.

Where are LED panels used?

Where are LED panels used? LED panels can mainly be found in professional environments. Think of office spaces, schools, hospitals, shops, dentist- and GP practices, libraries, and almost every other imaginable space. You can already guess: LED panels can be used almost everywhere. This is not only because of the pleasant light the panels produce, but also because of the durability and energy efficiency of the product.

The use of LED panels in the home is also becoming increasingly popular. They can be used to light up your garage or cellar, but also your bathroom or kitchen. At INTOLED you can choose from different sizes of LED panels. If you prefer a smaller LED panel in your home, you can also take a look at LED downlights. LED downlights produce equivalent light and are a lot more compact than an LED panel. They are easy to use in the hall, kitchen or living room.



LED Downlight 6 Watt 3000K 420lm Ø115 mm replaces 40 Watt
LED Downlight 6 Watt 4000K 440lm Ø115 mm Replaces 40 Watt
LED Downlight 6 Watt 6000K 460lm Ø115 mm replaces 40 Watt
LED Downlight square 18 Watt 3000K 1300lm Ø205 mm
LED Downlight square 18 Watt 4000K 1350lm Ø205 mm
LED Downlight square 18 Watt 6000K 1450lm Ø205 mm

How to install an LED panel?

Would you like to know how to connect an LED panel? This is quickly and easily done yourself. This is what you need:

  • The LED panel
  • One driver
  • A Europlug cord or a GSTi18 plug

Follow these steps:
1. Turn off the power.
2. Disconnect the power cord from the old panel and remove the old panel from the suspended ceiling.
3. Disconnect the Euro cord from the driver by unscrewing the driver and install the cord to the wago clamps/concrete. 
4. Then connect the driver cable to the LED panel.
5. Reconnect the power cord to the mains current and place the panel in the suspended ceiling.
6. Finally, turn the power back on.

Do you not have a system ceiling? That is not a problem. You can also use mounting frames or suspension systems, which you mount to the ceiling. There is a suitable mounting frame for every size of LED panel. With a frame you make sure that an LED panel is nicely processed on the ceiling and that all cables and the transformer are nicely concealed. 

In the case of a mounting frame, the panel is attached to the ceiling. In the case of a suspension system, the LED panels are suspended from the ceiling. The distance between the ceiling and the LED panel can be adjusted as desired. In these two ways you can fit any room without a suspended ceiling with an LED panel.

Dimmable LED Panels

In spaces such as offices and classrooms, it is more common for the light to need to be dimmed for presentations. In such cases it is nice when the LED panels are dimmable. The HOFTRONIC LED panels are supplied as standard as non-dimmable, can be dimmed when you buy a dimmable transformer. The panels can then be dimmed with a 1-10V dimmer. Approximately 40 LED panels can be connected to 1 dimmer. So 1 dimmer is soon enough for a room.

1-10V Dimmable LED Panel transformer 36W Boke DC connector (125lm / W)
LED dimmer 1-10V Max. 40mA  5 years warranty

Where to buy LED panels?

At INTOLED of course, the online LED specialist. The LED panels of INTOLED are available in the following formats: 

How do you know which light colour to choose? The LED panels are available in the light colours 830, 840 and 860, or in the colour temperatures 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. The LED panels with 3000K have a warm white light colour. The LED panels with 4000K have a neutral white light colour. The LED panels with 6000K have a daylight white light colour. If you are looking for LED panels that create a cozy atmosphere in the room, you can choose 3000K LED panels. The 4000K LED panels are a popular choice because of the neutral light colour: they are not warm and they are not cool. The 6000K LED panels are mostly used in rooms where there is little or no natural daylight. For rooms and environments where bright lighting is very important, the 6000K LED panels are a good option. 

Would you like to know more about the colour temperatures of LED lighting? Then read our blog How to decide on the right colour temperature?

Let our LED experts advise you!

With this blog we hope to have informed you sufficiently about LED panels. Where to place LED panels, which LED panels are available and what advantages you have with LED panels. If you are still unclear about anything, you can always contact our LED experts. You can reach them directly during our opening hours by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or leave a message on our live chat. Do you prefer to ask your questions by e-mail? You can go to [email protected].

Do you have a large room or building which you would like to equip with new LED panels and would you like to receive advice about this? Then you can always request a custom lighting plan. Our LED specialists will find out for you how many panels you need and which panels you can use best, and of course at the best price.



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