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LED Panels 62x62 cm

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LED Panels 62x62

A 62x62 cm LED panel is a sustainable and energy efficient lighting source. In environments where enough lighting is desired, you don't want your light sources to cause a high energy bill. A 62x62 cm LED panel produces diffuse light so that the room is evenly lit. The quality of the light output is also very high. The lamps do not flicker and have no warm-up time. Also, the LED panels 62x62 cm will not get hot, which provides a little extra safety. The LED panels 62x62 from INTOLED have an average lifespan of 50.000 hours. This means that you don't have to replace the panels for years, which saves on replacement costs.

LED panel 62x62 in various light colours

If you are looking for a LED panel 62x62 cm, INTOLED offers you a choice of different light colours. There is the 3000K LED panel 62x62, which has a warm white light colour. Also called the light colour 830. This colour temperature is very suitable for environments such as the hospitality industry, spas or hotels. If you are looking for the right work lighting for example in the office or classrooms, the 4000K LED panel 62x62 is a popular choice. This panel has a bright and neutral white light colour, also called the light colour 840. This light colour creates a pleasant working environment in which one can work all day without any problems. Then there is the 6000K LED panel 62x62. This panel has a cool and daylight white light colour, also called the light colour 860. For areas where good lighting is desired or essential, such as hospitals, this is an excellent option.

62x62 panels and other sizes

LED panels come in all kinds of sizes. In addition to the 62x62 LED panels, there are also the following square LED panel formats: 30x30 panels and 60x60 panels. If you are looking for rectangular LED panels, INTOLED offers you the choice between 30x60 panels, 30x120 panels and 60x120 panels.

Are you looking for something completely different? Then we have the round LED panels for you. The round LED panels are not only very suitable for restaurants, hairdressing salons, offices or schools, but also for the home. Thanks to the round shapes, the panel is a very stylish lamp.

Additional mounting material for 62x62 panel

When you want to purchase new panels, it is wise to know whether you need additional mounting material. It may be the case that the room you wish to illuminate does not have a suspended ceiling. However, this is no reason to panic. At INTOLED in the category LED panel accessories you will find mounting frames for each type of LED panel available. With a mounting frame you can hang your LED panels 62x62 and any type of ceiling, up to a height of 1 meter from the attachment point. The frame is also high enough so that a transformer can be nicely concealed. For more accessories such as dimmers or cables, take a look at our assortment.

Questions about the LED panel 62x62?

Do you have any questions about the LED panel 62x62 cm? Feel free to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists are ready to help you. You can reach us during our opening hours by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also e-mail your questions to [email protected].