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LED Panels

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LED Panels for every suspended ceiling

In our category LED Panels you will find all sorts of Panels which will fit in most suspended ceilings. The LED panels are also available in various sizes which makes them widely applicable. In this category you will find LED Panels in the sizes 30x30, 60x60, 30x120 and 62x62cm.

The LED Panels 30x120 are often used to replace the old TL fittings and IP65 fittings.
All LED Panels from INTOLED are very easy to install with the included installation manual.
Because of the included driver the LED Panels are completely plug & play, which makes you save a whole lot on installation costs. You absolutely don't need a technical background to install these LED Panels.

LED Panels from various price levels

At INTOLED you will find LED Panels for every wallet. Sometimes it's hard to tell the differences between the LED Panels, yet the price differences are easy to explain. Our budget line LED Panels has a use of 40 Watts and a light output of 3600 Lumen. This means that the LED Panels give 90 Lumens per 1 Watt. Our premium line LED Panels are a bit more expensive, but also way more efficient. The price difference will easily be returned to you. The premium LED Panels use 36 Watts and have a light output of 4320 Lumen. This means that these panels have a light output of 120 Lumen per Watt.

Benefits of LED panels

Placing of the LED lighting has already all sorts of benefits. The placing of LED panels brings you even more benefits. There will be no dust on the LED Panels which makes the lamps way more hygienic than the traditional TL-Tubes. Besides that gives a LED Panel a way smoother light, causing it to light up the room better and more smoothly, also the risk of flickering is way smaller because the lamp has less trouble with voltage changes. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of LED panels? Read all about it in our blog.

Always big discounts on LED Panels

Besides various quality levels you also decide at INTOLED how much you want to pay per LED Panel. On every LED Panel you will find a volume discount. The more panels you purchase the more discount you get. 

LED Panels in all sorts of light colors.

The color of the lighting has a big influence on the ambiance and productivity of the people in the room. In our blog of various light colors and the effects of the lighting in the room you will read more about this.

We offer LED Panels in various light colors. This way there will always be a LED Panel that fits your situation. We offer LED Panels in the following light colors:

  • 3000K: Warm white, for use in; houses, offices, stores, hair salons, cellars, storage rooms, hobby rooms and workshops, where a little more warm atmospheric light is desired.
  • 4000K: neutral white, for use in; houses, warehouses, stores, hair salons, cellars, storage rooms, hobby rooms, workshops and industrial spaces where neutral light is desired (most chosen).
  • 6000-6400K: daylight white, for use in; houses, offices, shops, cellars, storage rooms, hobby rooms, workshops, warehouses and industrial areas where there is little or no daylight entry.