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Dimmable LED Panels

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Dimmable LED panels

INTOLED's dimmable LED panels are ideal for making an office building, school building or professional environment more sustainable. Dimmable LED panels have a high light output at low energy consumption. The advantage of the dimmable LED panels is that they can be adjusted to your own preference. At one moment you need more light than at the other moment. This is where the dimmability of the LED panels comes in handy. In a classroom or meeting room it is useful when the lights can be dimmed when a presentation is being held.

Durable dimmable LED panels

A normal LED panel is already a durable lighting source. When they are also dimmable like the INTOLED panels on this page, they are even more economical. The dimmable LED panels have an energy consumption of 36 Watt, with a luminous flux of 125 lm/W. A very high light output at low energy consumption. That is exactly what you want when you want to light professional spaces.

In office buildings, schools, hospitals or practices, the quality of the light output is extremely important. The lighting around us affects our well-being. When lighting flashes, it annoys us, even unconsciously. Your brain can perceive flashing lights that you cannot see with the naked eye, resulting in fatigue, poor concentration and sometimes headaches. The LED panels dimmable from INTOLED are flicker-free. You can work undisturbed for a whole day.

Light colours of dimmable LED panels

The dimmable LED panels of INTOLED are available in various colour temperatures. There is a suitable colour temperature or light colour for every type of room and environment. The LED dimmable panels of INTOLED are available in colour temperatures 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. The 3000K dimmable LED panels have a warm white light colour. This is a light colour which is mainly used as atmospheric lighting, because it has a warm tone. A warm white light colour is less suitable for work lighting. Research has shown that people can concentrate better and become less tired in brighter light. That's why the 4000K LED dimmable panels are a more popular option when it comes to lighting offices or classrooms. The 4000K LED dimmable panels have a neutral white light colour. If you are looking for dimmable LED panels with a daylight white light colour, then the 6000K panels are what you are looking for. These panels can be found mainly in professional areas such as hospitals and dental practices, because bright and bright lighting is important here.

Order dimmable LED panels at INTOLED

Are you interested in buying dimmable LED panels? Then take a look at the options available on this page. At INTOLED you will find every type of panel you are looking for. The dimmable LED panels are available in the sizes 60x60 cm and 30x120 cm. Order them today at INTOLED and they will be shipped the same day.

Do you have any questions about the dimmable panels, or about another LED product? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists will help you with your questions and can advise you. You can reach them by calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].