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LED Recessed Downlights bathroom

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LED recessed downlights for your bathroom

In this category you will find LED bathroom recessed downlights that can withstand moisture and dust. In the bathroom, the resistance to moisture is particularly important. That is why you will find no IP20 LED recessed downlights in this category, but only LED recessed downlights that can withstand moisture very well. However, not all LED recessed downlights can withstand moisture. We offer both IP44 and IP65 LED bathroom downlights.

IP44 and IP65 LED Bathroom downlights

Both IP44 and IP65 recessed downlights are very suitable for installation in damp rooms. However, the placement of the recessed downlight determines whether you need an IP44 or IP65 downlights. IP44 downlights are suitable for placement in, for example, a suspended ceiling which is not in direct contact with water or hangs very close to a water point. Are you planning to install LED recessed downlights above a shower or in a different moisty room? Then opt for IP65 downlights. IP44 downlights are not sufficiently waterproof for this.

Various lines of LED recessed downlights for the bathroom

In this category you will only find LED recessed downlights that are specially manufactured for placement in the bathroom. For the bathroom we have various lines that differ in functionality or style. Below you find the IP44 lines:

  • Barcelona recessed downlights: This LED recessed downlight has a white finish so that the LED recessed downlights fit perfectly with a white ceiling.
  • Vegas recessed downlights: if you are looking for a more striking look. Then you choose the Vegas line. Because of the brushed finish, these recessed downlights are a beautiful eye-catcher in every bathroom.
  • Garland recessed downlights: The Garland downlight is our only square LED recessed downlight with a matte white finish, for a beautiful modern bathroom.
  • New York recessed downlights: The dimensions of this downlight are similar to those of the Garland, but it has a very nice brushed finish.
  • Granada recessed downlights: The Granada recessed downlights are manufactured in high-quality brushed aluminum and can also be tilted, these sets come standard with a luxurious touch wall dimmer.

In addition to a beautiful range of IP44 recessed downlights, you will also find a nice range of IP65 recessed downlights in this category. Here we offer the following lines:

  • Rome brushed stainless steel coloured recessed downlights: the Rome bathroom LED downlight is a real eyecatcher. Due to the neutral colour of the brushed aluminum, this downlight fits modern or classic in any interior.
  • Rome white recessed downlights: do you think the design of our Rome recessed downlights is beautiful, but would you prefer it in a different colour? Then you opt for our white Rome recessed downlights.
  • Stockholm LED recessed downlights: This LED downlight may well deserve its own category. View the video on one of the product pages and be surprised by the unique functionalities of this LED recessed spotlight based on bluetooth, this allows you to control the downlights from your smartphone or tablet. The colour temperature can also be adjusted to suit your needs from warm white to daylight white.
  • Malaga recessed downlights: The Malaga recessed downlights are the smallest in the range, these spots are very suitable for installation in, for example, small niches in the bathroom or when you think small downlight are more beautiful than larger ones. These spots are silver coloured and made of treated aluminum so that they are very resistant to moisture. These sets come standard with a luxury wireless LED wall dimmer.

Questions about our LED bathroom recessed downlights?

With all that choice of LED bathroom recessed downlights we understand very well that you can use some help. That is why our LED specialists are at your service. They can answer all your questions regarding our LED bathroom recessed downlights. Ask our LED specialists via: [email protected] or call +31853030027.