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Chrome LED Recessed Downlights

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LED Recessed Downlights Chrome

With recessed LED downlights you can provide your house with atmospheric yet functional lighting. They come in all sorts, design and colours. INTOLED LED recessed downlights are available in the colour chrome. A beautiful grey colour that suits almost every interior style. The chrome LED recessed downlights are very suitable for use in the home, but you can also see them in professional and public environments.

Chrome recessed downlights with various light colours

As already mentioned, the chrome recessed downlights are very suitable for several types of environments. There is a suitable light colour for every room and environment. The chrome recessed downlights from INTOLED are therefore available in various light colours. You will find chrome recessed downlights with the colour temperatures 2700K, 4000K and 6000K in the range of chrome recessed downlights. Which light colour do you need? This depends on the type of environment, but also on your own personal preference. The chrome 2700K LED recessed downlights have a warm white light colour. This is a light colour which is often used in the house. This is because the atmosphere creates a warm white light colour. It is often seen as a cosy and pleasant light colour for the house. Public areas where atmosphere also plays a major role also use the chrome 2700K recessed downlights. Think for example of hotels and catering establishments.

A chrome-coloured recessed downlight with 4000K light colour is a very neutral option which fits in almost any environment. The light colour is neutral white, which is suitable for both professional work environments and for rooms in the house, such as the hall, the kitchen or the bathroom. The LED recessed downlights chrome with 4000K are always a good choice.

For rooms with little or no daylight, or where bright light is needed, the 6000K LED recessed downlight chrome is a suitable option. The 6000K chrome recessed downlights have a daylight white light colour. This is a cool colour temperature comparable to daylight. It is most often used in professional environments such as dental practices, hospitals, or office buildings.

Would you like to know more about colour temperatures and light colours? Read our How to decide on the right colour temperature?

Dimmable and tiltable LED recessed downlights chrome

The INTOLED recessed LED downlights with a fixture colour in chrome are all dimmable. This means that you can determine the light strength of the chrome recessed downlights yourself. For one activity you need more light than for another. You can also determine the atmosphere by dimming your chrome recessed downlights.

In addition to the chrome LED recessed downlights being dimmable, a large selection of spotlights can also be tilted. The tiltable chrome recessed downlights have a tiltable fixture so that you can determine the direction of the light beam yourself. In this way, you can use the tiltable chrome recessed downlights to put certain objects extra in the spotlight.

Want to buy chrome recessed downlights?

Are you interested in buying chrome recessed LED downlights? Then take a look at the range available at INTOLED, the online LED specialist. If you are looking for a different colour recessed downlight, then you have come to the right address. Take a look at our white recessed downlights, black recessed downlights and stainless steel recessed downlights.

Should you have any questions about the operation of the downlights , the installation of the downlights or about LED lighting in general? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. You can reach our LED specialists by calling +31 (0)85 808 5238 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.