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Kitchen LED Recessed Downlights

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LED recessed downlights kitchen

Good lighting is of course important in a beautiful kitchen. Good lighting is important for preparing vegetables, cooking and of course baking. Our LED recessed downlights for the kitchen are carefully selected for placement in the kitchen. The LED recessed downlights in this category are very moisture-resistant and can withstand grease build up during baking and cooking.

LED kitchen recessed downlights in various IP-rates

Fat and moisture are formed in a kitchen. The formation of moisture can take place by, for example, a boiling pan of water or an electric kettle. Fat often occurs through baking and roasting of, for example, meat or potatoes. All these tasty activities ensure that you have to make certain demands on the LED recessed spots for the kitchen. That is why in this category you only find LED recessed spots with an ip rate of 44 or higher.

IP44 spots can be placed in the ceiling of the entire kitchen, please note that these can not be placed directly above a gas stove. Above a gas stove, the formation of moisture is so high that the spots can be damaged as a result. Do you want to place LED spots above a gas stove? Then choose ip-65 spots. The ip value of these downlights ensures years of activity, because they can withstand moisture better.

Various shapes and colours

Depending on the shape and colour of your kitchen, we have a wide range of matching LED recessed spots in our range. We recommend our Chandler downlights for a very modern kitchen. These beautiful spots have a particularly modern look due to their stainless steel matte finish. Do you prepare the best dishes daily in a country kitchen? Then we advise the Vegas spots. Because of their convex shape, these spots are more attractive and often better suited to the aesthetics of a country kitchen. Totally crazy about technological gadgets ? Then you complete the kitchen space with our smart LED recessed downlights. These smart recessed downlights are fully controllable with your smartphone. This way you can dim the downlights from warm white 2700K to daylight white 6500K in no time. This ensures that you have sufficient bright light during cooking and during pleasant moments in the kitchen you can dim the light yellow. Of course, these special recessed LED downlights for the kitchen can also be dimmed in brightness via WiFi.

Do you want something completely different once? Then you choose one of our square spots. At the Modesto square spot, the LED spot falls slightly further into the luminaire. This gives a particularly attractive effect. At the Marbella the spot is more on the surface, so the light angle of this spot is better.

More information about our LED recessed downlights kitchen?

The search for the right downlights for your kitchen is important. Good lighting can provide more atmosphere and productivity in the kitchen. Do you have questions about one of our LED recessed downlights for the kitchen? Then contact one of our product specialists. They can be reached via: [email protected] or by calling +31853030027.