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LED Downlights

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LED Recessed downlights of top quality

In our category LED Recessed downlights you will find a very wide range of LED recessed spots for every room and situation. Placing LED recessed downlights provides not only a wonderful illumination of the room, because these LED spots also last for a very long time. So you can enjoy lighting for years after installing LED recessed spots. In addition to being durable and attractive, our LED recessed downlights are also very energy-efficient. This way you save up to 80% on your electricity costs every year. The LED recessed downlights from INTOLED are specially selected on the basis of quality and style and meet the highest standards of LED lighting. Only in this way can we guarantee that you will enjoy the LED lighting for years to come.

Choosing the perfect LED downlight

When you switch to LED lighting for the first time, selecting the right lighting can be a big challenge. For example, the number of wattage no longer equals the strength of the light and you suddenly have to deal with drivers and dimmers. To help you choose the best LED recessed downlights below we give you some tips to look out for when choosing LED recessed downlights.

The IP rate of LED recessed downlights

Depending on the space you are looking for, you choose a specific LED downlight. This again depends on the following variables: dust and moisture. We offer LED recessed downlights in the following IP rates.
IP20 recessed downlights: these LED recessed spots can not withstand moisture and dust and are therefore not suitable for bathrooms, garages and / or barns.
IP44 recessed downlights: these can withstand moisture and dust, but are not suitable for coming into direct contact with water.
IP65 recessed downlights: do you want to install LED recessed downlights very close to, for example, a shower? Then you can best choose an IP65 downlight. These can withstand splashing water and have the best protection against moisture and dust.

Want to know more about IP values? You can read that in our blog: 'Which IP value do you need'.

The light color

The light color of an LED downlight is the most important factor for the atmosphere that the LED downlight provides. We offer LED recessed downlights in different light colors that are expressed in the LED world in Kelvin (K). At INTOLED you will find LED recessed downlights in the following light colors:

  • Warm white (2700K and 3000K): warm white light provides the most atmospheric lighting with a beautiful warm light color. This immediately creates an extra atmosphere in a room.
  • Neutral white (4000K and 4500K): gives a beautiful neutral white light, which fits in every room. With 4000K and 4500K LED recessed spots you're always good.
  • Daylight white (6000K, 6400K and 6500K): This light color can often be found in spaces that really need to be brightly illuminated. The LED recessed downlights mainly provide a functional light color.

LED recessed downlights in different categories

To make it easier to find the right LED downlight, we have divided our range into a number of categories. So you will find in our category LED downlights bathroom, recessed spots that can withstand moisture and also provide a beautiful light so that your bathroom is perfectly illuminated. In the category LED recessed downlights kitchen you will find spots that are specifically made for placement in the kitchen. Attention is also paid to IP rates and light color.


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