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LED Light hose

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An LED light hose for indoor and outdoor use

Are you looking for LED lighting that you can place in every room, corner and bend? Then you are looking for an LED light hose. Humid spaces are also not a problem for our LED light hoses, because the light hoses are completely encased in plastic and are therefore IP65 certified, which means that they are water and dust proof. This ensures that an LED light hose can be mounted in both dry and humid spaces as well as outside. The LED light hoses that you find in this category are equipped with the very best 2835 and 5050 SMD LED Chips. The difference between these two types of LED chips is that the light hoses with the 2835 LED chips have more LED chips per meter, namely 180 LEDs per meter and the 5050 LED chips have 60 pieces per meter, with the 5050 LED chips having more light per LED chip.

This assures you that the LED hoses shine a super bright and uniform light. These smart and super-efficient LED chips also ensure that the hoses use very little power. This makes our 230V LED light hoses extra interesting for commercial use.

In our webshop you will find a wide range of LED light tubes and LED strips in various types in the following light colours:

Mounting tips LED strip

Our LED light hoses are all delivered fully Plug & Play with a standard power cord adapter, you simply plug in the plug and you are ready to enjoy. Do you want to mount the 230V LED light hose against a surface? Then we advise to use the mounting clips, these are packed per 10 pieces, to keep your hose perfectly in place, we recommend using 4 pieces per meter. In short; installing the LED light hose is a piece of cake.

Are LED light hose dimmable?

Yes, all LED light hoses in this category are dimmable, for this you need to order the correct controller. For the single-colour LED light hoses you need this RF controller with which you can switch the strip light  on / off remotely and also dim it. If you want to get the maximum ease of use out of your RGBW LED light hose, we advise you to order the RGBW RF LED controller along with this, you can change the light hose with a push of a button in any desired colour, you can also have the light hose coloured clear white 6000K with this remote control. Of course you can fully dim the light hose to the desired light intensity with this remote control.

Flexible LED Light hose

The LED light hose is super flexible and bendable, so you can bend and assemble the light hose in all possible forms. Are you planning to beautifully decorate a cove with accent lighting? You can arrange that with an LED strip in no time. Do you want to connect the light hose at a right angle? Then we recommend connecting the light hose to each other via a corner connector. With this you can mount the light hose in an angle of 90 degrees instant. This corner connector also ensures that the light hose retains its watertightness and can therefore also be placed in the garden.

You can complete your project with the following accessories:

Standard power supply - for watertight connection of an single colour light hose to the 230V mains.
Watertight sealing cap - for watertight sealing (after shortening) of the light hose.
Mounting clips - for mounting the light hose against the desired surface.
Waterproof connector - for a straight watertight connection between light hoses.
Waterproof corner connector - for a watertight 90° corner connection between light hoses.
Standard connector straight - for a (not watertight) standard straight connection between light hoses.

controller with remote control:

Standard controller - for remote control of single coloured light hoses.
RGBW controller - for remote control of the RGBW light hose.

Plug & Play 50 meter waterproof LED Light hose 

All our LED light hoses are supplied on a 50-meter roll. This role is ideal for illuminating long distances. You can also shorten the LED hose per meter. This is conveniently indicated of a cutting marking. To ensure that the LED Light hose remains water-resistant, attach a sealing cap to the end of the cut-open strip. The remaining part of the LED light hose can be reused, but pay attention to this or immediately purchase an additional standard power supply or RF controller power supply immediately so that you can always reuse the part that is left for your home or garden.

Best online retailer for LED strips?

Are you planning to buy an LED light hose, but do you still have a few questions? No problem! Our product specialists are ready for you. You can best reach them by emailing [email protected], calling on +31853030027 or by using the chat on our webshop.