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30cm LED Fixtures

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LED Fixtures 30 cm

INTOLED's 30 cm fixtures are an energy-efficient and cost-saving option for lighting in homes or professional environments. Think for example of lighting the basement, garage, barn or attic, but also professional spaces such as classrooms, restaurants, offices or shops. The 30 cm fixtures are functional and durable. They are standard equipped with LED tubes with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, and therefore last for years.

Advantages of the 30 cm LED fixtures

Are you looking for an inexpensive option to light up your home or office? Then choose the 30 cm LED fixtures from INTOLED. Not only are they available at the best price, but they are also cost effective. You simply install the fixture 30 cm yourself, and don't need to replace it for years. It saves you a lot of maintenance costs. Also, LED lighting is generally a conscious and environmentally friendly way of lighting, which saves you a lot of energy. This is also the case with the LED fixtures 30 cm from INTOLED. In addition, the 30 cm TL fixture produces high quality light. It is flicker-free and has no warm-up time, which ensures that you immediately have full light.

Do you wonder what you can use the 30 cm LED fixtures for? Think of the rooms in the house where there is little light as the basement or garage, but also think mainly of professional environments. Offices, hospitals, industry and warehouses: it's all possible.

Alternatives to the 30 cm LED fixtures

The fixtures from INTOLED come in different variants. In addition to the 30 cm fluorescent fixture, there is also the 60 cm fluorescent fixture, 120 cm fluorescent fixture and 150 cm fluorescent fixture. In addition to several lengths INTOLED also has LED fixtures with multiple amounts of watts available. There are 1 to 10 Watt fixtures, 11 to 20 Watt fixtures, 21 to 30 Watt fixtures, 31 to 40 Watt fixtures, 41 to 50 Watt fixtures. Depending on the size of the surface or space, you decide which fixture is right for you.

Are you planning to hang the lamps in a humid environment, or where it might come into contact with water? Then take the IP value into account. When you install the TL 30 cm fixture in the bathroom or damp shed, we recommend choosing an IP65 fixture. This is waterproof and so protected against water. If the lamps are hung in a room where it is dry, you can easily choose an IP20 fixture.

Want to buy 30 cm LED fixtures?

Are you interested in buying a 30 cm TL fixture, and would you like to receive some extra information? Feel free to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists are ready to answer all your questions. Call +31 (0)85 303 0027 or mail to [email protected]. You can also reach us via our chat.