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INTOLED's LED Fixtures

Light color
IP Rate
LED IP65 Waterproof Lamp 120 cm 36W 4000K linkable
14,95 Incl. VAT 13,95
Incl. 21% VAT
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LED IP65 Waterproof Lamp 150 cm 38W 6400K
19,95 Incl. VAT 16,95
Incl. 21% VAT
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Top range of LED fixtures

Replacing old-fashioned fluorescent Tubes and fixtures for new LED fixtures can save electricity and replacement costs of up to 80 percent. However, choosing the right replacement LED equivalent is not that easy. Replacing the currently installed lighting is best done with care. This way you do not only maximize the lifespan, but also the cost savings of LED lighting. In our category LED fixtures you will find both IP20 fixtures and IP65 fixtures. The IP65 fixtures can do much better against dust and moisture. The IP20 fixtures are not suitable for placing in dusty or damp rooms. In addition to the moisture and dust-tightness, there are also a number of issues that you should look out for when purchasing LED fixtures. So it is important that you choose the right LED fixtures for your specific situation.

The light colour

In addition to the spread and water tightness, the light colour of the LED fixtures is also important. The light colour determines the atmosphere in a room for a large part. For dentists, for example, it is important that the rooms are well lit white. That is why we always recommend a light colour of 4000 Kelvin for a medical practice. Do you want to brighten an entire room clearly? Then you choose a daylight colour of 6000 or 6400 Kelvin. Because this light colour is whiter, it has a major impact on the illumination of spaces and is therefore more effective.

The light intensity

In addition to the light colour, the number of lumens of the LED fixtures is also important. A larger / higher space requires more lumen. In this category you will find LED TL luminaires from 2800 lumens to 8400 lumens. The amount of lumen depends entirely on your situation. With a high space, where a lot of work is done, we recommend a light intensity between 3000 and 4000 lumens. This ensures that small corners where shadows fall quickly are minimized. Do you want to illuminate a room that is higher than 4 meters? Then we advise the LED Highbays.

Replacing the LED tubes in the fixtures

Replacing the LED Tubes in the IP65 fixtures is fairly simple. Where you have to replace the entire lamp including the LED Tubes for many fixtures, you can replace the LED Tubes of the fixture with the following fixtures. This applies to the following LED fixtures:

The hoods of the LED fixtures are easy to disassemble from the suspension system. Of course you will also receive the LED bars with the above LED fixtures.

Linkable fixtures

Not all base fixtures can be coupled. To give you a good overview, we have placed all linkable fixtures clearly in one category. You can find these here.

Need help in a specific situation?

After reading this product information, Do you have any questions about your specific situation? Then contact one of our product specialists. They are happy to help you find out the ideal LED fixtures. Send your question to: [email protected] or call: +31853030027.