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LED Fixtures Value packs

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LED Fixtures Value packs

Busy with a major construction project? Then you often need a lot of good lighting. At INTOLED we also offer a selection of our products in value packs. The same goes for the LED fixtures. The LED TL fixtures are available in value packs of 10 pieces and 25 pieces. 

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The LED fixtures, also known as LED mounting bars, are a lot more economical than conventional fixtures. Replace your old conventional fixtures for new LED fixtures in value packs, and you save a lot of energy consumption and therefore energy costs. The TL LED fixtures in advantage packs are very suitable for spaces in the house such as the garage, basement, hall and attic, but also for public or professional environments such as parking garages, warehouses, industrial spaces or offices. The LED mounting bars have a high luminous flux and a long service life. This ensures good lighting that you don't have to look at for years.

Light output LED Fixtures in value packs

Not only are LED fixtures in value packs energy-efficient and cost-saving, they also have a high-quality light output. The LED fixtures in advantage packs are flicker-free. This makes the value packs ideal for professional work environments. Furthermore, the LED fixtures are a lot safer and environmentally friendly than conventional fixtures. The LED TL fixtures are free of harmful substances and have a better heat dissipation so they do not become hot. Thanks to the higher quality in materials, the LED TL fixtures in the value packs have a longer life span. They last 50,000 hours on average!

Light colour of LED fixtures in advantage pack

The LED fixtures in value packs are available in different variants. They also differ in colour temperature. You do not need the same light colour for every room. This depends on the environment, the activity, and partly also on personal preference. The light output comes from the LED tubes mounted in the LED fixtures. These exist in the colour temperatures 3000K (830), 4000K (840) and 6000K (860). This is from warm white light to cool white light. Please note that not all LED fixtures include an LED light source. You will find in our assortment LED fixtures incl. LED, and LED fixtures excl. LED.

Questions about the value packs?

Are you interested in buying LED fixtures? Be smart and choose one of our discount packs! This way you save on costs. Do you still have questions about the discount packs, LED fixtures, LED tube lighting or maybe an entirely different LED product? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our LED specialists can be reached during our opening hours by phone on +31 (0)85 303 0027. You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We are ready to advise you and answer your questions.