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LED Batten

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LED Batten lights

LED Battens are a complete lighting package. In contrast to LED T8 tubes, the placement of LED Battens is a matter of plug-and-play. LED Battens are therefore the perfect alternative to LED tubes.

Different sizes LED Battens

LED Battens make installing LED Lighting easier than ever before. Because LED Battens are always delivered complete, the installation is done in no time. In addition, LED Battens can be linked, allowing you to connect multiple LED battens to each other. If coupling different LED Battens is not an option, INTOLED gives you the possibility to purchase different sizes of LED Battens. At INTOLED you will find LED Battens in different sizes:

  • LED Battens 60cm: The 60cm LED Battens are ideal for areas where you do not need so much lighting. Think of a barn where you only want to illuminate the workbench.
  • LED Battens 120cm: The 120cm LED Battens are ideal for medium sized rooms where a 60cm LED Battens just doesn't provide enough light.
  • LED Battens 150cm: If you are looking for lighting for large spaces, without having to do any major installation work, the 150cm LED Battens are suitable. Due to the large length, a LED Batten 150cm provides sufficient lighting in large spaces.

LED Battens in different light colour

Not every light colour is suitable for every room. It is therefore wise to find out in advance what the ideal light colour is. If you are looking for more information about the different light colours, you can read it in our blog How to decide on the right colour temperature? In our assortment you will find LED Battens incl LED in the following light colours:

  • LED Batten 3000K: The LED fluorescent luminaires incl. LED with a light colour of 3000K are particularly suitable for use in rooms where you want to create atmospheric lighting and where, to a certain extent, daylight also enters the room. A LED Batten serves as extra light in this room and not as the main source of light.
  • LED Batten 4000K: The 4000K LED Batten incl LED have a neutral light colour. Don't know if you should choose warm white (3000K) or bright white (6000-6400K)? Then LED Batten 4000K are a nice way to go.
  • LED Batten 6000K-6400K: The 6000K LED batten can be found in the larger rooms where no or hardly any daylight enters the room. This light colour is closest to the colour of daylight.

Purchase your LED Battens at INTOLED

Are you planning to use LED Battens to illuminate your barn, warehouse or workshop? Then you have come to the right place with INTOLED. Through our years of experience in the field of LED Lighting, we have carefully composed our range. So you can be sure that you do not pay too much for high quality LED Battens. Still have questions about our offer? Please contact one of our product specialists by email [email protected], phone +31 (0)85 303 0027 or via our live chat.