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LED Tube Lights 60cm

Light color
IP Rate
25x LED T8 tube 60 cm 9 Watt 990lm 6000K Flickerfree
179,95 Incl. VAT 148,75
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
10x LED T8 tube 60 cm 10 Watt 990lm 4000K
79,95 Incl. VAT 49,50
Incl. 21% VAT
- +
* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs

LED Tubes 60 cm

LED tubes 60 cm are indispensable when it comes to lighting your home or in professional environments. Think of lighting the basement, garage or barn, but also offices, shops or classrooms. The tube 60 cm is a durable, energy efficient and affordable way of lighting. It is even cost effective. With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, the 60 cm LED fluorescent tubes will last for years.

Advantages of the LED Tubes 60 cm

LED lighting comes with many advantages, including the LED tubes 60 cm. The LED tube 60 cm is easy to install and gives a high quality light output; the fluorescent tube 60 cm is flicker-free. With an average life span of 50,000 hours, the 60 cm tube is very durable and energy efficient. By opting for the 60 cm tube you not only opt for a lower power consumption, but you also save a lot of energy costs. In addition, you also contribute to a better environment.

Variations on the 60 cm LED tube

The 60 cm LED tube is suitable for use in the home, but especially for offices, supermarkets, shops, hotels and similar environments. With the different variants in fluorescent LED tubes, think of light color, wattage and length, you will find at INTOLED the right LED fluorescent tube for you. When replacing the lamp, pay attention to the fitting and length, so you are sure to have the right one. Take a look at the 120 cm tube and the 150 cm tube. It is also useful to know whether you need a T8 TL tube or a T5 TL tube.

Buying the LED fluorescent tube 60 cm?

Are you interested in buying the LED  tube 60 cm, but do you still have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Call +31 (0)85 303 0027 and you will get one of our LED specialists on the line. You can also reach us via the following email address [email protected] or via our chat.