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60cm T8 LED Tube Lights

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LED T8 Tubes 60 cm

The LED T8 fluorescent tubes 60 cm are an ideal way to illuminate rooms in your home or professional environment. The T8 TL 60 cm tube is easy to install yourself, so you can easily hang it up in your garage, basement, shed or other room in your house. In addition, the 60 cm T8 TL tubes are widely used in hospitals, schools and offices. Because of the long lifespan of an average of 50,000 years, you don't have to look back at the lamps for years. This saves a lot of replacement and maintenance costs, which makes it ideal for professional environments.

Advantages of 60 cm T8 tubes

The T8 fluorescent tubes 60 cm produce high quality light; they are flicker free. In addition, the T8 tubes 60 cm are easy to assemble yourself. You can connect the 60 cm T8 tube directly to the power supply, so you don't need a ballast or starter. LED lighting is known for being a sustainable way of lighting, so are the T8 tubes 60 cm. And because it contains no lead or mercury, it is also very environmentally friendly. Illuminating the home or office has never been easier.


The LED T8 fluorescent tubes 60 cm are suitable for all kinds of spaces. Because of the many variants of the LED T8 tubes, there is a suitable option for every situation. In addition to the length of 60 cm, there are also 120 cm T8 tubes and 150 cm T8 tubes. Are you planning to light up in the house, restaurants, hotels or catering industry, then we recommend looking for the 3000K T8 tubes. For a neutral white light colour that is mainly used for industry, offices, warehouses or shops, we recommend to look at 4000K T8 tubes. When you are looking for lighting for areas where there is little daylight? Then the 6000K T8 tube or 6400K T8 tube is a good option.

60 cm fluorescent tubes with G13 fitting

The 60 cm T8 LED tubes have a T8 fitting, also called a G13 fitting. This is one of the most common fittings when it comes to light tubes. The G13 fitting can be found in most fixtures. Old fashioned fluorescent tubes often have the G13 fitting as well. These are therefore easy to replace with the 60 cm T8 LED tubes.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about the T8 TL tubes 60 cm? Please contact our customer service. By calling +31 (0)85 303 0027 you will get one of our LED specialists on the line, who can answer all your questions. You can also email us at [email protected] or leave a message on the chat.